After the setback in 2009, when the industry however managed to hold its own on the international scene, the hollow glass industry has now shifted into higher gear. Glass tableware, bottles, special glass for pharmaceutical and technical applications: these are the main areas where top-quality, technology and innovation are playing an increasingly important role. Manual or automated machinery, with an either small or large footprint, exceeding all safety and sanitation standards, will be stealing the show in a dedicated exhibition area housing the most prestigious national and international companies.


Green machines, solar panels and mirrors, new energyefficient technologies and the use of renewable energies. These and other innovations will be the beating heart of the new Vitrum Energy section, a critical and exciting area dedicated to the new, extraordinary projects of the green economy. These projects substantiate a keen market interest in ecocompatible technology, where glass is once again playing a prominent role. A high-caliber, international event with new players from next generation markets and leading national companies.