13th June 2018

Sponsored by Vitrum and ITA, the two-day meeting June 6-7, 2018 convened the leading global representatives of the world of glass. Discussion focused on current needs, projects and experiences of domestic and international significance

The second Convention of International Glass Associations, sponsored by Vitrum and ITA (Italian Trade Agency) held June 6-7 in Murano (Venice), marked another success in terms of results, turnout, and progress.
It included technical sessions revolving around the industry’s main focal points; opportunities for sharing; and parallel events with artistic and cultural content. All part of the two-day Murano meeting that reinforced the determination of the organizers and delegates from the leading global glass associations to continue their work – together – as a collaborative effort that, over time, can be further refined and enhanced with even greater quality and precision.
Validating the work accomplished at the first meeting in Murano, in June of 2017 and on October 4, 2017, during the 20th edition of Vitrum, the International Glass Show in Milan, the Murano event took place at the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, a high-level research center and lab, internationally accredited for surveys, studies, analyses and, in general, technical developments in the glass industry.

“This second meeting of the International Glass Associations confirms the importance of understanding the true market needs and those of its players. But, this is just the beginning because, if last year we laid the groundwork for an absolutely innovative industry journey, this year we managed to map out the priorities to be pursued, aware that concrete results may only be visible in the medium-long term. And, if the Murano Convention can now be deemed the annual spring meeting for the glass industry, at Vitrum 2019 (October 1-4 in Milan) we will certainly have the opportunity to update ourselves and fuel our intentions to increase the value of the industry around the world”, remarked Vitrum President, Dino Zandonella Necca, at the close of the convention.

“Over the last 12 months – explains Laura Biason, director of Vitrum – since the first edition of the Convention – we have continued to strengthen the bond among all the delegates who participated last year, while also engaging with new industry players. We succeeded; and this was another huge satisfaction for us because it means we are on the right track. We were pleased to welcome in our Community Finland, as a new member this year, and two new representatives from Brazil and Slovakia. But the latest developments don’t end there. Thanks to our shared objectives, we were also able to complete the list of discussion topics we outlined last year. Communication and information took their rightful place among the priority topics, alongside technical and production standardization, education and training, history and culture, energy and environmental stewardship. As is true for all manufacturing sectors, the element of ‘promotion’ is essential to our industry. It is incumbent upon us to convey to the media an understanding of the true essence of our efforts here, based on the principles of cooperation and concerted action, that cannot help but work to everyone’s advantage”.

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United States and, of course, Italy. The experiences shared by these countries were central to the 2018 convention. In three intensive work sessions, all the delegations presented case studies, plans, aims and, last but not least, their needs.
“All very compelling and, in some cases, very moving experiences – notes Zandonella – because they commanded group reflection. Strengthening R&D efforts and supporting businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, in interpreting legislative language pertaining to the glass industry in Italy and abroad, are certainly a must. It was also noted that, in some areas (the specific case of Brazil was at the heart of a lengthy analysis) the economic situation has had a considerable impact on the ‘wellbeing’ of the industry and its workers. A call was made for a collective effort for targeted actions in terms of training to assist and prepare the local workers to keep pace with the competitive procedures in the global market”.
“Our sense of Community – added Biason – is again apparent in these contexts because by sharing the projects and outcomes achieved, as well as the difficulties faced along the way, it is possible to see the issues from different perspectives. And, often, that means finding an interpretation that could be the winning solution”.

In addition to the work sessions, the delegates and representatives of the 15 trade publications were treated to a much-appreciated program of parallel events that showcased two other amazing aspects of Murano’s glass tradition. Thursday, June 7th began with Lisette Caputo’s bead-making exhibition. Also an organizer of Arts’ connection, a festival that promotes the renaissance of Murano glass through culture, Caputo demonstrated the detailed workmanship and processing phases that go into glass bead making, in keeping with the ancient local tradition that today is the domain of only about 50 “die-hard” artisans and artists. Discerning and involved, the international audience did not hesitate to ask for details about the more complicated and fascinating aspects of the process.
In the afternoon, after an exclusive tour of the Venice lagoon, the group visited the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, where “Le Stanze del Vetro” (a renowned cultural center – joint venture by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Pentagram Stiftung) is headquartered, for a guided tour of the “A furnace in Marseille. Cirva” exhibit, curated by Isabelle Reiher (director of CIRVA – Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques in Marseille) and Chiara Bertola (curator of contemporary art at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia). The tour continued with a stop at Palladio’s splendid San Giorgio Basilica, and the Vatican Chapels, the Holy See’s first Pavilion at the International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

The video, summaries of the reports and all the information about the second Convention of the International Glass Associations will soon be posted to the Community website:

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31st May 2018

Sponsored by Vitrum and ITA, the two-day meeting June 6-7, 2018, will convene global leaders from the world of glass in Italy for the third time

Just around the corner, the Convention of the International Glass Industry Associations, organized by Vitrum with the support of ITA (Italian Trade Agency), will be held in Murano (Venice) June 6-7, 2018.

After a successful first meeting in 2017, relationships were strengthened during Vitrum 2017 – Italy’s International Glass Show – in Milan last October. And now, the leading representatives of the global glass industry will again meet on the island of glass. Delegations from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, the United States, Switzerland and, of course, Italy, will be attending. Representatives of 15 international glass industry publications have also been invited to attend the two-day meeting.

A demanding program is in store. In the early afternoon of June 6, the delegations will meet at the offices of the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, research center and global point of reference for businesses, associations, universities and institutions affiliated with the world of glass. The “hottest” topics in the world of glass will be discussed. Topics that were identified a year ago as priorities by all the delegates will be analyzed in depth by the various representatives this year, country by country and market by market, based on the latest developments and new requirements. The focus will be on technical and production standardization, education and training, history and culture, energy and environmental stewardship.

Time has also been set aside for less intense parallel events. Like a demonstration (on Thursday June 7) of the ancient “bead-makers” art, the typically Venetian artisan tradition of making glass beads for necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry – an experience that encapsulates centuries of skills and cultural aesthetics, passed down from one generation to the next. This treasure-trove of knowledge is awaiting UNESCO designation as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, following a proposal made in 2013 by three different, and geographically distant locations, but with a common bond in the art of bead-making: Venice, Paris and Ghana.

The second Convention of International Glass Industry Associations will conclude with a visit to “Le Stanze del Vetro” on the island of San Giorgio, in partnership with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Fondazione Cini is a cultural center of international caliber that hosts year-round research activities, exhibits and meetings, shows and concerts as well as conferences held by qualified scientific and cultural organizations. Convention attendees will make an exclusive visit to “Le Stanze del Vetro”, the prestigious gallery-museum dedicated to the history and culture of glass processing from the early 1900s to the present.

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06th March 2018

“Vitrum specialized” is the name given to the 12 descriptive themed patways that will provide greater visibility to Exhibitors as well as improved access to the show for all trade professionals

The Vitrum 2019 organizational staff is already hard at work. The aim: to produce a 21st edition that leaves its mark.
“Throughout the 2017 edition – explains president Dino Zandonella Necca – we paid attention to the needs expressed by the participants – exhibitors, trade professionals, visitors, associations and institutions – and we carefully analyzed the feedback that came in after the event. Driven by the findings in this review, we agreed it was time to focus on some specific themes: themes that we can transform into exciting opportunities for greater visibility for all exhibitors”.

Vitrum 2019 will have an innovative look, one that turns the exhibitors’ need for visibility into descriptive themed pathways, each with its own immediately recognizable logo:

  • Vitrum Flat Glass
  • Vitrum Hollow Glass
  • Vitrum Fenestration
  • Vitrum Solar
  • Vitrum Automotive
  • Vitrum Printing & Coating
  • Vitrum Environment
  • Vitrum Testing
  • Vitrum Research
  • Vitrum Software & Control
  • Vitrum Associations
  • Vitrum International Press

These are the 12 Vitrum Specialized logos. In other words, representations of the macro-categories in which the exhibitors operate, which they can use to clearly identify their own specialization or specializations. Each exhibitor can choose to use one or more logos.

The Vitrum Specialized logos will be affixed in clear view at the exhibitors’ stands during the four days of the show, and will also be printed in the Vitrum 2019 catalog, alongside the company name, and on the show maps (given to visitors) that provide stand locations.

The maps will be the core tool in this innovative means of communication because they will show the designated themed pathways to help visitors plan their itineraries inside the show, based on their specific interests.

Additional specially-designed campaigns will promote widespread circulation of the initiative through press releases and dedicated newsletters in which the content of the participating companies will be highlighted, in order to trigger another effective referral mechanism.


9th January 2018

The 21st edition of the international trade show in Milan will be held October 1-4, 2019, at Fiera Milano Rho

The official dates for Vitrum 2019 have just been announced: the international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in processed products for industry will take place at Fiera Milano Rho, from October 1st to 4th, 2019.

Coming soon: updates and news about the forthcoming edition will be available on the Vitrum website along with flashbacks to the most memorable moments from the recently-concluded 2017 edition.

Also on line at is the “Vitrum 2017 Final Report”.

The .pdf can be downloaded at:
– in Italian
– in English

The Report recaps all the ‘numbers’ related to Vitrum’s “Year Zero”, in terms of Exhibitors, Visitors, Countries of Origin, Associations, and the International and Domestic Media.

Innovations implemented in 2017, the products on display, all the promotional materials, apps and services, targeted activities and new opportunities for exhibitors, as well as the official #Vitrum2017 hashtag – so popular this year – are the central focus of the in-depth chapters that contain detailed information about the four-day show held in Milan October 3-6, 2017.

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06th November 2017

245 exhibitors from 21 countries around the world; more than 10,600 registered visitors; 12,000 through the turnstiles; latest-generation technologies, plants and systems, accessories and special products for Flat Glass and Hollow Glass processing. On display, actual, Industry 4.0-compliant processing plants incorporating highly-complex solutions.

245 exhibitors from 21 countries around the globe, more than 12,000 entrances overall during the four days of the show, with 10,653 registered participants and a ‘cream of the crop’ display of technologies and systems over a net occupied surface area of 14,564 square meters. These are the numbers that encapsulate the 2017 edition of Vitrum – the international trade show dedicated to machinery, equipment and special products for flat and hollow glass processing – held October 3-6 at Fiera Milano Rho.

This year, the international appeal of the Milanese show was corroborated, above all, by the high percentage of foreign exhibitors (nearly 48%; the other 52% was from Italy). They came from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the Republic of San Marino, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, the United States, Switzerland and Turkey.
Visitors arrived from 86 countries, including all of Europe; North, Central and South America; the Middle and Far East; Asia and Oceania.

“Thanks to the proactive support of ITA (Italian Trade Agency), in this ‘year zero’, Vitrum expanded its international reach, confirming that it is ‘everyone’s house of glass’ – remarks Vitrum president, Dino Zandonella Necca – From the earliest organizational phases of the event, our quest to venture further afield, beyond our borders, was empowered through massive communication and promotion programs at leading industry events and many institutional meetings we attended, over the last two years, across Europe and around the world. I am also keen to point out the (entirely spontaneous) contribution made to the success of Vitrum 2017 by international glass industry stakeholders who brought several delegations of industry professionals from their respective countries, along with new ideas and proposals for the future to the show in Milan. Further proof of the efficacy of the partnerships we cultivated with the International Glass Associations”.

Another compelling fact is the number of manufacturers on hand at Vitrum 2017 — 186 of them participated in this 20th edition, equal to 76% of all exhibitors. The exhibits themselves were high-performers, featuring high-value displays of machinery, accessories and special products for the processing of Flat Glass and Hollow Glass: “The value was considerable – states Laura Biason, director of Vitrum – because it epitomizes the extraordinary effort invested by the exhibiting companies. Actual production plants were installed for the 4 days of the fair — perfectly functioning, complex solutions that are the utmost expression of the premises behind Industry 4.0, a paradigm our industry had already adopted as its own. The positive feedback from experts and professionals concerning the informative seminars and training events featured at this edition of Vitrum further validated the urgency to continue in this direction. The seminars are much-needed and well-attended opportunities for growth and sharing of information and we intend to expand their scope and contents in the future”.

A place for cross-contamination. Technology and Innovation were highlighted in the “Unique Interpretations – Glass Experiences” Area that offered the Vitrum audience a moment of far-reaching cultural reflection. The sophisticated and elegant niche exhibit combined the infinite possibilities of technological innovation with art, craftsmanship and design applied to glass. The valuable works on display won the admiration of visitors and exhibitors alike. View and download the dedicated brochure on the Vitrum website:

Vitrum 2017, more social than ever. Response to the call of hashtag #Vitrum2017 was spectacular. Many, many exhibitors and industry professionals used it, not only as a communication tool from and to the Show, but also – and above all – as a channel for sharing the “Vitrum experience”. “#Vitrum2017 was with us – explains Laura Biason – throughout the fair, intensifying (in the way only social media can do) the reverberations of the event well beyond the pavilions of the Milanese fair district. #Vitrum2017 became the key word that coalesced interest in the event during its key moments. And continued to influence people regarding all the possible itineraries that spread out from the fair grounds toward Milan and, from Milan, to the most beautiful landmarks our country has to offer”.

“Qualified trade professionals, discerning business prospects: these were the must-haves of the 2017 edition – concludes president Dino Zandonella Necca – And the rave reviews from visitors convinced us of a growing affection for Vitrum, and for the valuable solutions, innovations and expectations for the future it offers”.


6th October 2017

Exhibitors and visitors highly satisfied with results

The 20th Vitrum show closed its doors today, Friday, October 6th, 2017. Four days fully dedicated to the world of glass, its machinery and applications, that offered B2B meetings, cultural initiatives, as well as an exchange of ideas and opinions between industry professionals and Government representatives.

“Our satisfaction reflects that of our exhibitors and visitors. These were four very busy days and starting from today we will continue to strengthen the goals already achieved and we will open up new prospects for the future of the glass industry”, concluded Dino Zandonella Necca, President of Vitrum.

“Trade professionals, seminars, workshops and interesting parallel activities such as the exhibition ‘Unique Interpretations – Glass experiences’, were this year’s highlights. The show attracted considerable interest and this goes to show that Vitrum is a trade exhibition with a difference. This was further confirmed by the numerous foreign journalists that were registered throughout the four Vitrum days”, added Laura Biason, Director of Vitrum.

From October 3rd to 6th 2017, Vitrum proved to be a magnet for the entire glass processing world from all continents, from the United States to Europe, from South America to the Far East and South Africa. Particularly successful proved to be the invitation of hosted buyers from overseas, organized with the support of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), with 109 Flat and Hollow Glass key players from 12 countries flocking to Milan.

“Despite the very international appeal of this show – concluded President Zandonella Necca – we are delighted with the large attendance by Italian visitors, tangible proof of the Italian market turnaround that was certainly fostered through the instruments made available by the Government through the national plan 4.0. We decided to make our own contribution to the program by organizing an ad hoc seminar that was very favorably received by trade professionals”.

“Our industry is in a phase of extraordinary effervescence and is keenly attuned to the new opportunities offered by next-generation, Industry 4.0 enabled machinery. We managed not only to see but also to experience first-hand the efforts and the progressive skills of companies that are leaders in the machine building industry”, concluded the Director of Vitrum.

The next Vitrum will be held in 2019. All of the information materials about this year’s show will be available shortly on the exhibition website.


5th October 2017

Today, October 5th, is the third day for Vitrum, Italy’s international trade show dedicated to machinery, products and accessories for Flat and Hollow glass

The 20th edition of Vitrum is continuing on a high note. Visitors and exhibitors are actively involved and satisfied with the show’s high quality and technological level, complemented by a host of side events, such as meetings and seminars for professionals.

Vitrum has further substantiated its educational commitment to the glass industry with today’s seminar, addressed at the Italian market, entitled “The new laws and standards for glass products in building and construction”, which received accreditation for 3 CFP (certificate of professional education) credits from the Order of Engineers of Milan in light of its professional educational contents and method of implementation. Approximately one hundred professionals and entrepreneurs participated in the Sala Gemini at the Stella Polare Service Center in the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition district.

Organized by Assovetro, CSI Spa, Gimav, the Order of Engineers and the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (under the aegis of the Italian Trade Agency and Vitrum), the seminar featured high-caliber presentations.
The work session was opened by Mario Boschi (Assovetro) who provided details about national standards. Ennio Mognato, Head of the Laboratory for Flat Glass in Building at the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro illustrated international rules and regulations in detail. The session was closed by Marco Scanagatta, in charge of voluntary and mandatory product certification for CSI Spa (Certification Institute and Test Lab), with a special focus on voluntary certification for product compliance.

As stated by Laura Biason, Director of Vitrum: “We are extremely satisfied with the results of this first-ever cooperation between Vitrum, the Order of Engineers, Assovetro, CSI Spa, Gimav and the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, a high-caliber team that allowed us  to highlight the endless applications of glass in the building and construction Industry. This initiative allowed us to bring the design world to our trade show, an invaluable opportunity for designers to experience first-hand the newest and freshest possibilities offered by the machinery on display. Let’s not forget that glass is the material of choice for new architectural works in Italy and abroad. Events, such as the one we organized today, that focus on training and continuing education, foster in-the-field knowledge and allow designers, architects, and trade professionals to discover what the glass processing industry is capable of offering today “.

Vitrum, the Italian trade show dedicated to the glass world, again scored very positive attendance results today, 8.9%.


4th October 2017

Yesterday, October 4, 2017, was the second day of Vitrum 2017, Italy’s international trade show specialized in machinery, products and accessories for Flat and Hollow Glass

The second work day for Vitrum 2017 came to a close with new, key, share and compare opportunities. In the morning – behind closed doors – the highly-anticipated second meeting of the International Glass Associations took place. After the first International Convention held in Murano (Venice) in June, the group is meeting in Milan to concentrate on drafting its first operational guidelines.

“Top of mind – explains Aldo Faccenda, president of Gimav, who presided over the event – are the most current topics facing the industry, which were proposed at the Murano meeting. This morning was a valuable opportunity to take an in-depth look at the items requested by countries and by the Association. Glass is at the center of our world and the keywords for the near future of the industry, today, were identified: technical and production standardization, education and training; historic and cultural elements; and energy and environmental stewardship. Around the table – remarks Faccenda – each of us was able to express our ideas and adjust the needs and requests to our own local specifics, sharing information about prospective goals and those already achieved. We are pleased to be able to say that we have already reached good results in terms of concerted efforts and objectives. The next International Convention meeting is already set for the spring of 2018 and, given the popularity of the last edition, it will again be held in Murano”.

The International Glass Associations split up into working groups, each one committed to taking on a specific area of in-depth analysis. Participants: Abividro, Abravidro, AIHV, ATIV, Finnish Association of Flat Glass, FunGlass, GGF, Gimav, IGC, ICOM Glass, NGA, Slovak Glass Society, Steklosouz.

The afternoon session of Vitrum events also included another highly-anticipated seminar: “What’s hot in glass processing”. Innovation was the common thread among the four speeches. Each presentation was allowed 30 minutes, during which ADI, Glaston and RCN Solutions introduced the audience to their latest developments in technologies applied to glass processing machinery. Already an innovative formula in its own right in the Italian trade show panorama, the seminar proved to be so attractive that Vitrum plans to offer an even more impactful version of it at the next edition, in 2019.
Summaries of the presentations will be available shortly on the Vitrum website.

Meantime, Italy’s international glass trade show, reported positive attendance numbers today, too: +10.4% of visitors (at 12.30 PM compared to the 2015 edition.

Thursday, October 5th, at 2:30 pm (Gemini Room – Services Center, Stella Polare, Fiera Milano Rho), another Vitrum appointment, this time with “New laws and standards for glass products in building and construction”, a seminar organized by Assovetro, CSI Spa, Gimav and the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, in partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and Vitrum. Making presentations at the meeting are: Mario Boschi (Assovetro), Ennio Mognato (Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro), and Marco Scanagatta (CSI Spa).

The Seminar has received accreditation for 3 CFP (certificate of professional education) credits from the Order of Engineers of Milan; the order made an advance evaluation of the professional educational contents and method of implementation.


3rd October 2017

Vitrum — Italy’s international trade fair for the glass processing industry – opens today, Tuesday, October 3rd.

Visitor pre-registrations grew four-fold compared to two years ago. The number of visitors grew by more than 20% compared to 2015 at 12.30 PM.
The overall value of machinery on display is in excess of €2 million. The net exhibition area of more than 13,000 sq. m accommodates 237 exhibitors from all over the world. This is Vitrum 2017, inaugurated at Fiera Milano Rho (Milan) today, October 3rd.

“This is year zero for us – stated Dino Zandonella Necca, President of Vitrum – we expended all of our efforts in this year’s edition in terms of synergistic activities, involvement and promotional initiatives that already paid off in Murano, in June, with the organization of the first International Convention of Glass Associations. Today Vitrum is officially embarking on a new path marked by global activities to put our industry on the world map and strengthen its strategic, all-round importance”.

“Vitrum 2017 is traditionally an eagerly-anticipated event – remarks Laura Biason, Vitrum Director – and ranks among the leading international glass shows. The value of the machinery on display this year is in excess of €12 million, tangible proof of the importance attached by both Italian and overseas companies to our exhibition”.

The first Vitrum 2017 day was inaugurated with the opening press conference, attended by Giorgio Giovagnoli, Head of the Ministry for Economic Development; Licia Mattioli, Confindustria’s Vice President for Internationalization; Michele Scannavini, President of ITA – Italian Trade Agency. The press conference was opened by Dino Zandonella Necca, President of Vitrum.

Eagerly anticipated was also the inauguration of the “Unique Interpretations – Glass experiences” exhibit organized by Vitrum inside the Technology and Innovation Area. A distillation of art, history and technology, the exhibit offers cultural insights that complement the spirit of a trade show that epitomizes the excellence in glass processing machinery.
The exhibit is open from October 3 through 6 and is located in Pavilion 7, stand A21-B30.

Last but not least for the first Vitrum day, the seminar focusing on Industry Plan 4.0 incentives in Room Scorpio. The event is mainly addressed at Italian market professionals.

VITRUM 2017 “UNIQUE INTERPRETATIONS – GLASS EXPERIENCES” – October 3-6, 2017 – Pavilion 7 Stand A21-B30
Technology and Innovation Area (Fiera Milano Rho)

29th September 2017

Vitrum 2017 presents “Unique interpretations – Glass experiences”,
the show that takes visitors through the delightful, spellbinding world of design and glass

Opening October 3, 2017 at Fiera Milano Rho (Pavilion 7 – Stand A21-B30), the “Unique interpretations – Glass experiences” Show, an event within an event at Vitrum 2017 – the International Italian trade show dedicated to machinery, accessories and special products for processing Flat Glass and Hollow Glass.

In the Technology & Innovation Area at the 20th edition of Vitrum, a window opens onto the high content of design, revealing a selection of the most fascinating glass creations, and more, to the Show’s international audience.

On display are exclusive glass objects – a sophisticated and unique distillation of the kind of creativity Italy is known for around the world. From ancient glassmaking traditions to the most contemporary design concepts – glass and design unveil some of their many faces and, through the lens of technological experience, express the vast potential of innovation.

On display

Design by Cini Boeri
Technology: Intermac

Design by Cini Boeri
Technology: Intermac

Design by Adriano Design and Centro Ricerche Giorgetti

Design by Vittorio Livi
Technology: Intermac

Technical partner: Intermac

Partner: Expotrans

Chapeau, Cubo, Philadelphia, Nuage
Design by Kanz Architetti

Design by Adriano Design

Arty Zen, Exploration 2.0, Carpe Diem, Collection by Chantal Thomass

To download the brochure in pdf:


29th September 2017

Vitrum’s year zero is just around the corner. Taking place October 3rd to 6th, at Fiera Milano Rho (Pavilions 5 and 7), the 20th edition of the Italian International trade show dedicated to machinery, accessories and special products for processing flat and hollow glass.
One feature of the show is the return of Italian Hollow Glass.

The 2017 edition of Vitrum promises a major comeback. Italy’s Hollow Glass sector will be on hand, emphasizing the importance of this major global industry trade show. The hollow glass sector will be located in Pavilion 7.
Antonini Srl, Colorobbia Consulting Srl, Glass Service Srl, Ocmi OTG Spa and Olivotto Glass Technologies Spa are the companies that will represent Italian-made products for Hollow Glass at Vitrum (Stand D25). In addition, the Hollow Glass division of Bottero Spa will showcase a selection of its machinery for both flat and hollow glass, as well as products and systems for float, laminated and packaging lines at Stand E21-G30, also in Pavilion 7.

“Technological know-how and high qualitative standards are the true distinguishing factors of Italian brands across international markets. Bottles, tableware, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics — Italian-made hollow glass ensures complete solutions, customizations capable of satisfying all the needs of their customers and the ability – almost unique in the industry – to join forces and form a united front. We plan to leverage these strengths this year at Vitrum 2017. In the group exhibit area, we are ready to meet clients and buyers from around the world, in order to nurture, plan and launch new relationships and projects”, remarks Michele Gusti, president of GIMAV’s Hollow Glass Group, and president of Ocmi OTG Spa.

The latest findings from the GIMAV Study Center provide further evidence of the sector’s value: more than 85% of Italy’s hollow glass revenue comes from exports, with a +1.05% increase over the previous year (when sales were up by nearly 3.5%).
According to the most recent data, exports of Italian machinery and technology for Hollow Glass processing continue their upward growth trend (begun in 2015) with the EU as the top destination (France out in front) and the strong recovery of the American markets (North America at +41%; Central and South America at +75.7%). Asia, too, left its mark, compared to the previous 12 months, with a 25.61% share of total global exports.

Summing up the key indicators for the Italian Hollow Glass sector:

  • Mexico is the number-one importer of Italian technologies and machinery for Hollow Glass processing with an 11.75% share
  • followed closely by China, accounting for a healthy 10%
  • in the United States, the import share of Italian machinery doubled
  • Russia, after the major crisis of 2015, is on a rising curve, climbing from 15th to 9th position.

Presentation and interviews

Founded in 1946, Antonini is a well-established presence on all five continents, with more than 1,700 installations in 82 countries around the world. Its production is focused on annealing and decorating furnaces, glass block tempering furnaces and HV insulator furnaces (that make Antonini a leader in the Chinese market), cold-end treatments and dosing pumps for cold-end treatment. Moreover, the company is an outstanding plant overhauls and upgrades provider. Mexico and all of South America are target countries for the company, but major work orders also arrive from Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, to name the top few. The European market also continues to strengthen its position; in France, Antonini systems are in high demand, while Italy is experiencing a promising turnaround.
In the words of Barbara Antonini, Sales Manager for Antonini Srl: “We also have high hopes for positive outcomes from this year’s Vitrum show. I firmly believe that the International Glass Show in Milan has everything it takes to become a competitive trade show for Hollow Glass as well. We have worked together and will continue to work to ensure this happens because, if we can manage to attract more foreign visitors for Hollow Glass, it would be a win-win result for everyone: for us, for Vitrum, for our Association and for our country. The excellence of our industry is well-known around the world and Milan is a very attractive city. Everyone loves it — exhibitors and visitors. International by nature, it has near-perfect logistics and organizational possibilities”.

Design and engineering of turnkey industrial plants for the production of glass and vitreous enamel. This is the core business of Colorobbia Consulting – Glass Engineering & Contracting Division. Glass Engineering was established in 1987 and today, armed with its robust synergies and integration with all the other divisions of the Colorobbia Group, is able to provide a full spectrum of services and solutions to the marketplace and to the Group itself.
According to Alessandro Bandini, CTO of the Colorobbia Consulting Glass Engineering Division: “Vitrum has, once again, brought together Italy’s leaders in Hollow Glass. This is likely thanks to new, lasting synergies among industry leaders, through a renewed spirit of cooperation among the Italian and international associations involved in the promotion and dissemination of information about the world of glass. Nowadays, there is an increasing awareness and consideration of ‘green industry’, and we are focusing our efforts in this direction. We intend to concentrate on electric fusion or, in any case, a fusion process aimed at reducing harmful emissions as much as possible. Our strengths are, and remain, the same as those that set Italian products apart around the world: the quality of our products, the reliability of our machinery, our attention to after-sales customer service, and, above all — the extra plus that we are most known for — our adaptability and desire to create anything new that other global manufacturers have not yet produced. Made in Italy also means “Italian industry in motion”, evolving, moving toward ‘green and smart’ targets. For Vitrum 2017, we plan to bolster our well-established commitments in the East, pleading the case of reduced emissions, without neglecting the developing markets in Africa and South America. This year, in Milan, we decided to ‘show up’ because we believe in the validity of, and the possibilities offered by, this Italian event. It is our hope that the Vitrum management gets hard at work now and, even more, in the near future to funnel the greatest number of trade professionals toward Hollow Glass, so that at future editions there is an even greater outpouring of industry interest in participating in this event”.

Glass fusion technologies and the Robotic Division: these are the company’s two macro-departments that provide “turnkey” plant installations around the world, directly with their own staff, and through supervision of staff provided by the customer, as well as the start-up of auxiliary furnaces and systems. All the plants designed and produced by Glass Service meet the growing demands of international markets in terms of energy efficiency, production flexibility, ease of use and the highest quality standards of the final product. The company also ensures complete after-sales service for every product, around the world, including repairs under operating conditions and replacement of electrode holders.
Giulio Isernia, Sales Director for Glass Service comments: “We believe in Vitrum because we feel this event can quickly become a real drawing card for specific areas of interest. With the proliferation of trade shows in our industry, Vitrum’s advantage could be, and certainly will be, the possibility of firmly establishing itself as a magnet for all those companies for which ‘Team Italia’ is able to offer solutions, both specific (furnaces, machinery, etc.) and global (turnkey plants). This year, at the show, we are exhibiting our most recent developments in the area of advanced combustion systems for forehearths and working end, system parts dedicated to furnaces, as well as our developments in terms of turnkey projects. Our recipe for success? Having gained a foothold and strengthened, day after day, a constant presence in all markets, thanks to a combination of products, technological innovation and field presence. All of this was, and is, possible thanks to our staff that really does work 24 hours a day. Skilled professionals able to measure up against the fiercest international competition. Indeed, each of us has developed products of absolute excellence and the constant communication among our groups is finally allowing us to orchestrate much more efficient teamwork than in the past. Our expectations for this year, compared to the past, are high; that is because the tireless and extremely efficient assistance efforts of the organizational team have allowed us to focus our attention on specific customers”.

Leading global supplier of complete production lines for borosilicate glass vials, ampoules, droppers and cartridges, Ocmi OTG fully meets the needs of the increasing number of operators looking to automate quality control processes, production line loading and final product packing operations. But OCMI is also a supplier to the leading global manufacturers of crystal and soda-lime stemware. Our crown jewel is the SA model. Available in 42, 48 and 60 station versions, it ensures the highest degree of flexibility in response to the most diverse production requirements. Although European demand for products differs from that of markets in the United States or the Far East, in terms of glass type and design, OCMI has proven to be a reliable long-term partner, one that truly listens and complies with even the smallest changes final users may request to optimize productivity and efficiency.
A peak performer in the design and production of machinery for processing pharmaceutical hollow glass and tableware, thanks to its partnership with MT Forni of Venezia (which specializes in glass melting furnaces, annealing and decorating lehrs), OCMI can also supply the technology and know-how required to produce technical glass articles such as glass blocks and HV insulators.
According to Alex Crescentini, Sales Manager for Ocmi OTG: “At Vitrum, we will showcase our SA stemware sealing and stem stretching machines, PAS blow-presses for jugs, custom-designed hydraulic or pneumatic presses, and the possibility of supplying turnkey production lines for glass block and high-voltage insulators. We expect these solutions will be of interest to those Vitrum visitors who typically arrive from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean Africa. However, thanks to extensive pre-event promotional efforts, we also expect to see many pharmaceutical glass manufacturers at the GIMAV group stand dedicated to Hollow Glass where they can find detailed information not only on the borosilicate glass tube forming machinery offered exclusively by OCMI, but also on the equipment used to produce the glass tubes themselves”.

Olivotto Glass Technologies has worked in the hollow glass industry since 1946, when it began marketing its first rotating hollow glass blowing machine. Research, innovation and ongoing technological development have enabled the company to become a leading brand worldwide, supplying turnkey systems and services designed to meet any and all production needs.
In August 2003, Olivotto acquired the glass division of Antas (Italy), a company with time-tested experience in hollow glass. In June 2007, the company then acquired Lynch Systems (USA), one of the longest-established hollow glass forming machinery manufacturers in the world. In April 2008, it acquired W. Lindner Maschinen (Germany), known for its production of high-quality machines for all types of glass (lead crystal, soda lime, borosilicate). All leaders in their respective market sectors, the four companies have joined forces and combined their capabilities to become the benchmark in hollow glass, as manufacturers of plants, systems and machines.
The Group guarantees perfect integration of all its machines, along with complete assistance and service at all phases, from design to start-up of the production process.
Olivotto GT offers technological solutions designed and developed in such a way as to create synergistic effects with the customer’s production strategies and to quickly adapt to all customization needs. They are all turnkey machines, complete lines and systems for the production of: stemware (all processes); tableware; ovenware; carafes; large containers; lamps and lighting elements; automotive headlights; insulators; glass tubes; laboratory glass; glass insulators; mineral wool; and automatic packaging of stemware and drinking glasses.


29th September 2017

The official Vitrum 2017 app is ready to be downloaded.
With this easy and useful tool you may:

  • find all the information for you visit: times, prices, exhibition contacts, how to reach the Fair, …
  • look for all the Exhibitors participating in VITRUM by company name or product categories and find the location on the map
  • find out all the scheduled events and save them on your agenda.
  • create your visit diary with cards, notes, photos and Exhibitors’ details

The official VITRUM 2017 application is available for iOS and Android:

Vitrum 2017 has a Digital Area (at the entrance to Pavilion 7, stand A11 B20) where you can recharge your smartphone and find a quiet place to use your digital devices. The Wi-Fi connection is free and available in both exhibit halls.

VITRUM 2017 – What’s hot in glass processing – October 4, 2017 – Aquarius Room (Stella Polare Convention Center, Fiera Milano Rho – South Entrance)

29th September 2017

It’s time to talk about innovation. At Vitrum 2017, “What’s hot in glass processing” focuses the spotlight on technologically cutting-edge products and solutions dedicated to the world of flat glass, hollow glass and accessories for glass processing. The companies have the floor

Among the major innovations rolled out for Vitrum 2017, the seminars are, without a doubt, one of the main attractions. And, with “What’s hot in glass processing”, the 20th edition of the International trade show dedicated to the world of glass decided to spark a new, crucial conversation where innovation occupies center stage.

Organized by Vitrum, the seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th at 2:30 pm, in the Aquarius Room (Stella Polare Convention Center, Fiera Milano Rho – South Entrance).

Even the format for this event is entirely innovative. Three leading industry businesses – ADI, Glaston and RCN Solutions – will unveil their latest technologies and most innovative solutions before the Vitrum audience. During each of the four presentations, the invited speaker will have 30 minutes to present the company’s internationally-oriented state-of-the-art glass processing insights.


“High Performance Wheels To Reduce TCO”
David Craig Osborne

“Automating Flat Glass Tempering Process”
Miika Äppelqvist, Glaston Finland Oy

RCN Solutions
“Chemical Tempering: Improve The Ideas And Give The Way To New Opportunities”
Roberta Cometti andd Alessandro Rivaroli

“Dry And Semi Wet Process For Glass Repair”
Cody Thomas

Participation is free but registration is required directly on site.


05th September 2017

After its successful launch in 2015, the match-making system is back again this year at Vitrum 2017, the trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing that will take place October 3-6 at Fiera Milano Rho.

Visitors can use this service to plan their business appointments by finding the exhibitors they are interested in, visiting and asking for an appointment at their stand.

The platform allows industry professionals and exhibiting companies to optimize their time schedules and increase the efficiency of their stay at the Show.

To access this entirely free service, just follow the instructions that will be sent automatically by the system.

Match-making makes it even easier to get the most out of the business opportunities offered by the 20th edition of Vitrum.


01st September 2017

On October 3rd, from 2:30 to 5:00 pm, the “Incentives for updating machine inventories” Seminar will take place, organized by Vitrum in partnership with GIMAV, the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery, Plants, Special Products and Accessories for glass processing.

The seminar is part of the 20th edition of the glass industry trade show being held in Pavilions 5 and 7 at Fiera Milano Rho, and will offer a substantive analysis of the key government incentives made available to businesses through the 2017 Budget Law and the Industry 4.0 Plan. These measures are designed to support small and medium-sized Italian businesses in expanding and updating their manufacturing infrastructures — an essential step, as shown by data, in order to maintain a viable competitive edge in the international market. Specifically, the Nuova Sabatini, SuperAmmortamento, IperAmmortamento and Tax Credit for Research and Development will be analyzed in detail.

During the meeting, all the participants will receive a summary of the top incentives examined.

Participation in the Seminar is free and open to all industry professionals, but registration is required. Go to:

Request your free admission pass to the Fair at


28th August 2017

As of today, it is possible to access the on-line catalog for the 20th edition of Vitrum, the biennial international trade show that will take place in Pavilions 5 and 7 of Fiera Milano Rho from October 3rd to 6th, 2017.

The catalog can be found at and can be searched by key word and company name. It also contains alphabetical lists of exhibitors and product categories.

By using the “Add to your Notebook” function that appears in the exhibitor profiles, you can earmark the company names of interest for easier consultation and for more efficient organization of your progress through the Fair aisles.

The just-published print catalog, in an entirely revamped format, is available for purchase at the ticket stands and information kiosks. It is a directory of the best that glass processing has to offer.


17th July 2017

Visitors can now register for Vitrum 2017 by completing the short form found at: Passes for free admission to the Fair will be sent immediately to registrant’s in-box.

Vitrum will take place at Fiera Milano Rho from October 3rd to 6th, 2017. The four-day event will combine displays of the most innovative technologies in the glass processing machinery, special products and accessories industries with a packed calendar of side events.

The 20th edition of Vitrum has been completely revamped and, in addition to the best the industry has to offer, it also includes a vast array of never-before-seen events and parallel activities, all of which add value to participation in the Fair.

Exhibitors from 18 countries will be there, with the broadest range of products for all sectors — building and construction, industrial glass, furniture, home furnishings, automotive and all types of hollow glass applications (pharmaceutical, containers, tableware, bottles, ….). The most innovative solutions and applications of Industry 4.0, the best of every kind of glass processing, all will be on display in the new location in pavilions 5 and 7, with the added convenience of free Wi-Fi coverage throughout, even easier access from the Metro and Railway stations and Porta Sud, as well as proximity to the Services Center, where the seminars will be held.

Visitor services
The just-released Vitrum App, for iOS and Android devices, will allow industry professionals to find their way more confidently between exhibits and events over the four days of the show. An always-available personal assistant on the visitor’s cell phone, ready to help organize their stay in the best possible way.

After an extremely successful launch at the 2015 edition, the match-making platform will once again be available to visitors to optimize planning of their business meetings with the exhibitors they are most keen on meeting, allowing them to make best use of their time at the show.

An even more social-media friendly event, the dedicated #Vitrum2017 hashtag makes it easy to share the most exciting moments of the Show.

Those arriving by car at Fiera Milano Rho can reserve a spot in one of the adjacent parking lots by clicking on the link that comes up after completion of the on-line registration process.

Those planning to take advantage of their visit to Vitrum 2017 to have a true Italian experience can engage the professional services of MicoDMC for help organizing their destination travel needs ( High Speed connections from Milan make for short hops to Italy’s sensational cities: Venice (2 hrs.), Rome (3 hrs.), Florence (2 hrs.), Turin (1 hr.). There visitors can immerse themselves in art, culture and fine dining, all-Italian style.

A full calendar of parallel events is scheduled to take place in the Services Center, adjacent to the Show pavilions.

They begin on the afternoon of October 3rd with a Seminar for the Italian market on the investment incentives for updating machine inventories, in compliance with Industry 4.0. This is an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities included in the Super and IperAmmortamento programs, the Nuova Sabatini and Tax Credits for Research and Development.

October 4th, instead, is the time to dive into innovation with the “What’s hot in glass processing” Seminar, for a full immersion in the most exciting international offerings.

On October 5th, thanks to the support of Assovetro, there will be a meeting dedicated to the Italian market. “Glass products for building” is designed for architects, engineers and designers, as well as industry professionals.

Admission to all the seminars and meetings is free and open until all available seats are filled.


Murano, June 22, 2017

Work at the first International Convention of Glass Industry Associations, the two-day event organized in Murano (Venice) by Vitrum, and backed by ITA, has come to an end. Representatives of the leading glass industry Associations and journalists from the trade press from around the world joined in the meeting.

The first International Convention of Glass Industry Associations met in Murano (Venice) June 21st and 22nd, 2017, bringing together delegations from Italy, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Poland, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Slovakia and the United States of America. With the valuable support of ITA (Italian Trade Agency), Vitrum’s organizational team convened for the first time ever, under one roof, the leading glass industry representatives, in order to openly and jointly tackle the most relevant topics of interest to the industry worldwide.

Italian and international industry representatives met in Murano to discuss their ideas, objectives and issues, while also providing the journalists in attendance with a competent and attentive think-tank ready to grasp new ideas and opportunities.

On the first day, the delegations were formally welcomed to the island of Murano at the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, research center of excellence and global point of reference for associations, universities and institutions affiliated with the world of glass. Here, the 18 participating associations made presentations highlighting their primary activities and services. Following the presentations, the representatives toured the Stazione labs. The evening ended with a networking dinner in one of Murano’s most typical and exclusive restaurants.

The second day of the Convention began with a visit to the Abate Zanetti Istituto Scolastico Superiore “Glass High School”, where the delegates had the opportunity to explore this groundbreaking and, at the same time, historic educational campus, exclusive in the art of Murano glassmaking. The inaugural class, with 8 students, just completed the first year of courses, but 19 new up-and-comers are already enrolled for the next school year. During this tour, the guests also enjoyed practical demonstrations of the skills of the Murano glass masters. Convention work sessions resumed in late morning at the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro.

To make glass the material that the building and construction industries in general can no longer do without; strengthen the increasingly key role it plays in the field of renewable energy as well as in high-tech niche industries, like state-of-the art telecommunications; achieve “critical mass” with the leading political parties to promote updating of industry standards and regulations; promote solutions that can apply pressure in terms of energy savings and efficiency in production processes; boost best practices by supporting technical consultation tools at all levels and around the world; respond to the growing need for industry communications by leveraging the importance of promoting the value of using glass in daily life to the general public; stimulate a corporate culture of ongoing, high-level education, training and updating; and finally, to boost the concept of a large community network, where the next generation, along with veteran industry professionals, can meet, discuss and stimulate one other with new ideas, drawing upon a firmly grounded technical, historical and artistic culture accessible, from today forward, to future generations. These are just some of the topics discussed during the second day of the Convention.

“For us at Vitrum, having successfully assembled the leading glass industry associations in our country, in Murano — cradle of the history and tradition of global glassmaking — is a huge satisfaction. The enthusiasm that was already palpable on the first day of work sessions spread contagiously to the second day of meetings, confirming that our initiative was right on target”, remarked Dino Zandonella Necca, president of Vitrum, at the conclusion of the Convention. “As business entrepreneurs and institutional representatives, we are all united by a genuine passion for glass, a precious and irreplaceable material. And that was clear in these two days of meetings. Being able to express our respective needs, country by country, with the aim of bringing common aims into focus and concentrate our energies on a shared goal for the entire industry was the winning component of this important meeting”.

“This is only the beginning of a journey that will focus, in an inspiring and constructive manner, on the world of glass and its related processing”, added Laura Biason, director of Vitrum.

“Future meetings have already been set. The first operational working groups will meet on October 4th during Vitrum 2017 and, in the Spring of 2018, the second annual meeting will be held in Murano”. “But now it is time to focus on the 20th edition of Vitrum in Milan, with the firm belief – continues the director – that we have opened a new channel of communication that will benefit the entire sector. We are confident that the Convention of Associations, meeting annually, will become a viable opportunity, essential to the entire industry, to meet and discuss. It will allow ongoing stimulation of dialog, not only around current industry affairs, but also on its future goals and on the issues that it will become increasingly possible to tackle together, in a genuine atmosphere of partnership and cooperation”.


Associations and their representatives
Abividro, Lucien Belmonte
AGGA, Patrick Gavaghan
AIHV – Storia del Vetro, Maria Grazia Diani
AIHV, Sylvia Fünfschilling
Assovetro, Lina Incocciati
ATIV, Alessandro Bandini
GIMAV, Aldo Faccenda
Glass Alliance – Glass for Europe, Cedric Janssens
Glass Glazing Federation, James Lee
ICG, Alicia Duràn Carrera
NGA, Susan Jacob
Slovak Glass Society, Peter Simurka
Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Stefano Manoli
Steklosouz, Victor Osipov
VDMA, Bernd-Holger Zippe and Timo Feuerbach

Trade journals
Asian Glass
Glas in Beeld
Glas Fenster Fassade
Glass in IT style
Glass International
Glass Magazine
Glass Russia
Glass Technology International
Glass Worldwide
Rivista del Vetro
Swiat Szkla
US Glass
Verre et Protections Mag
Vidrio Plano


15th March 2017

Exhibitors respond enthusiastically to new services at the October appointment

Bookings, which opened just three months ago, are going very well for Vitrum 2017, trade fair for machinery, equipment and systems for the processing of flat and hollow glass, glass and finished products for the industry.

The exhibition will run on 3-6 October at the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho and is posting a significant increase in bookings from new and regular exhibitors versus the previous show.

This is also a positive time for the Italian market with companies shifting into higher gear after government incentives to update Italy’s machine inventory.

At the end of February, the square meters booked by 2015 exhibitors increased by almost 10%. These repeat exhibitors do not want to miss out on the special rate (25% off) applied by Vitrum for any additional square meters over those occupied at the 2015 exhibition.

There will be numerous new companies exhibiting for the first time: almost one third of these businesses has never taken part in Vitrum. Several among these were interested in the new all-inclusive formula for new exhibitors. This option provides an interesting “turnkey” solution that includes a complete package of a 12 or 24 sq.m stand inclusive of stand fittings.

The international reach of the exhibition has been confirmed with just under a half of the bookings coming from exhibitors who are not from Italy.

Among the new innovations available to exhibitors, the e-contact app is attracting a good deal of interest and is a tool – which is offered free – that allows real-time data to be collected on trade people visiting the stands.

This new tool has been joined by the brand-new official “Vitrum 2017” app for iPhones and Android smartphones, containing useful information to make visiting the pavilions easier (opening hours, services, how to get there, list of exhibitors …).

After being tested for a year, a complete version of the very popular Matchmaking tool is back again, allowing more business meetings to be held and optimized during the 4-day exhibition. By using this tool, trade people can search among their product categories of interest for exhibitors at the exhibition, source new opportunities and plan meetings. Visitors can use the tool to streamline and make the most of their time at the trade fair, and exhibitors can set up a schedule of appointments, after getting complete information on their contacts of interest from the very start.

The new promotional tools are also attracting a good deal of interest from exhibitor companies. From this year, they can add pictures, descriptions and company logos to their profile in the on-line catalog, but there will also be various kinds of advertising banners on a rotation basis for varying periods of time, to satisfy different promotional needs.

The Vitrum social media channels are also very popular, the ultimate platform where exhibitors can promote their attendance at the exhibition and immediately share this on Facebook and Twitter. The pavilion map, which will be distributed free to all visitors, also offers exhibitors an opportunity to highlight their participation by displaying their logo.

An important appointment in Vitrum’s busy seminar program is an afternoon session on government incentives to spur investments in new machinery (the Nuova Sabatini, IperAmmortamento and SuperAmmortamento and Tax Credits) as well as a meeting on glass products for the building industry, being staged in team with Assovetro.

All very good reasons to choose Vitrum.


9th February 2017

New services that add value for exhibitors and seminars for trade professionals make the 20th edition of the glass industry trade show even more inviting

Expectations are on the rise for Vitrum 2017, the international exhibition that will open its doors on October 3rd, attracting the world of glass processing to Fiera Milano Rho.

This year the show will focus specifically on the close connection between all the industry’s players – foreign and Italian businesses, domestic and international glass industry associations, institutional stakeholders, research centers and trade press from around the world. Vitrum stakes its claim as the “House of Glass”, the ideal setting for machinery manufacturers and operators, researchers, technicians, industry professionals and institutional stakeholders to meet and share ideas that drive product innovation and optimization, and stimulate growth of the industry.

For the Italian market, 2017 is a year sure to spur investments in machinery, thanks to the government incentives in support of enterprise: the New Sabatini, SuperAmmortamento, IperAmmortamento, and Tax Credits for Research and Development. Through the first half of 2018, Italian businesses can take advantage (as long as contracts are finalized by year-end 2017) of crucial tax savings when purchasing new machinery, making Vitrum the perfect ‘runway’ for showing off their glass processing products to Italian customers.

And, to help industry professionals gain a deeper understanding and the best ways to take advantage of these incentives, a technical seminar will be held on precisely that topic.

In addition to this seminar, there will also be a workshop entitled “Glass products for construction”, organized by Gimav in partnership with Assovetro, in answer to the interest stimulated by the innovative applications of this remarkable material.

Many other cutting edge innovations will further enhance participation in this edition of the show which, for the first time, will occupy the two central pavilions at Fiera Milano- Rho, ensuring easier access to exhibitors and making it more convenient for visitors.

Vitrum 2017 takes exhibitor budgets into consideration, offering extremely competitive participation costs, right from the start. First-time exhibitors that want to “test” the quality of the event can benefit from practical, cost-effective “turnkey” solutions that allow them to be star players on the show floor, even with a modest budget. Major cost advantages are also ensured for repeat exhibitors, who will receive a 25% discount on the cost of additional square meters over those occupied at the 2015 edition — an opportunity to expand their presence, while strengthening their brand image and visibility.

But the benefits of Vitrum 2017 do not end with the cost of floor space. The forthcoming edition is also seriously invested in digital services designed to make the visit even more pleasing and profitable for all participants.

Free wi-fi will be available throughout both exhibition pavilions and all exhibitors will also have free access to the “e-contact” app for recording visitor data – an extremely valuable sales support tool that makes it possible to quickly and easily create data entries for the trade professionals who visit their stands, integrating the information from their business cards with notes for immediate and precise follow-up actions.

In addition to this app for exhibitors, the “Vitrum 2017” app is available to everyone. It contains listings for all the businesses at the Fair and can easily be searched by product. It also contains useful information about the fairgrounds and other facts designed to make a visit to the show more enjoyable and productive.

Rounding out the digital proposals is the “Match-making” tool. After an initial positive test run at the last edition, it is back again, in a streamlined version that makes it easier for visitors to set up business appointments at the Show.

Big news also regarding the promotional tools available to exhibitors to increase their visibility and add value to their participation.

The print catalog continues to be a popular reading for industry professionals who use it as a directory of the innovative products being offered. Exhibitors can purchase ad pages in it to gain prominence and increase visibility, calling attention to their businesses in an exclusive and effective manner.

Its electronic twin is the on-line catalog which continues to be available for consultation for two years after the show ends. In addition to the basic information provided with each listing, advertisers can enhance their listing with the addition of images and the company logo. Advertisers can also promote their company’s presence through acquisition of a banner that will be displayed, in rotation, for 3 months in the on-line catalog which, at every edition of the show, receives an impressive number of visits.

The pavilion map, distributed free to all visitors, offers exhibitors an opportunity to highlight their participation through display of their logo or purchase of advertising space.

As to digital advertising, for this edition Vitrum is also allowing participants to use the Fair’s social media channels to share information about their innovations and technologies on Facebook and Twitter.

Entirely new, on the other hand, are the preferential conditions for putting up posters around the fairgrounds, allowing businesses to gain a visual advantage and increase brand visibility to an even vaster public.

Detailed information about all the promotional tools for exhibitors is now available on the Vitrum website at:


21st November 2016

Everything is ready for the forthcoming edition of the international trade show specialized in glass processing machinery, equipment and systems to be held at Fiera Milano Rho. October 3-6, 2017

Big changes in store for the 2017 edition of Vitrum, starting with the new pavilions that will host Exhibitors and Visitors. In fact, the Show will take place at Fiera Milano Rho in pavilions 5 and 7, even easier to access from the entrance to the fair grounds, from the train stations and the Metro, and just a few steps from the Services Center where parallel events will be held.

Free wi-fi will be available throughout the entire exhibit area to businesses and to the public.

Exhibitors will enjoy multiple advantages, from extremely cost-effective pricing to a major discount on additional square meters over those occupied at the 2015 edition.

They will also have free access to the e-Contact app for gathering Visitor data, a huge added value that makes it possible to easily and quickly build a database of business contacts.

During the Fair, seminars and workshops will be held featuring topics of interest to the industry, such as government incentives available to Italian firms for the renovation of the machine pool and industry technical regulations.

Manufacturers will soon be receiving the new brochure that outlines the key features of Vitrum 2017, and the on-line form is now available on Vitrum site:

The organizational machine is gearing up for this new, exciting edition that will shine the spotlight on the multifaceted world of glass, with its innovations and products of excellence, in four days at Fiera Milano Rho designed to stimulate constructive conversation and mutual growth.


26th October 2016

Innovations for the coming edition of the show previewed at Glasstec and Glassbuild America 2016

Promotion of Vitrum 2017 to international glass professionals began at Glasstec 2016 and continued at GlassBuild America 2016.

Excitement over the top innovations for the forthcoming edition was palpable.

An entirely revamped format that aims to noticeably increase the number of machines and innovative solutions being debuted at the show, seminars and conferences for trade professionals, B2B meetings, a more substantial number of hollow glass representatives, easier access to the two new exhibit halls, and robust involvement of the international trade associations – these are the essential assets of Vitrum 2017.

“We have no doubt that next year Vitrum will respond even more closely to the needs of Visitors and Exhibitors.” – according to President Dino Zandonella Necca – “The signs of improvement in the global socio-economic environment and the mounting speed at which innovations in the glass processing sector are being churned out are two elements that bode extremely well for the Expo.

And that’s not all. Right from the start, we actively encouraged the involvement of the international glass industry associations in order to partner with them in creating an event that best meets the needs of their members, whether businesses or glass professionals. There will also be a variety of related business opportunities that range from technical workshops to one-on-one meetings, and meetings planned through the match-making process at the stands, to leisure activities that are focused on experiencing the best of the Italian way of life. We have also designed even more convenient formulas for Vitrum 2017 exhibitors, providing an easier-to-access location inside Fiera Milano Rho.

We are eager to dive into the months between now and the October 2017 event with energy and enthusiasm, knowing we are offering the world of glass a new, amazing opportunity to gather in one place and share their thoughts on the latest industry innovations.”


29th September 2016

The official debut during Vitrum Gala Dinner at Düsseldorf

The pleasant banks of the Rhine, usually busy with the inhabitants of Düsseldorf in search of a peaceful place to relax, were the backdrop for the Vitrum Gala Dinner held Thursday evening, September 22.

The glass processing industry elite were gathered for the launch of the forthcoming international trade show set to take place in Milan October 3-6, 2017. On hand, in addition to the president and entire Vitrum Board of Directors, were the foremost members of the Italian and international trade press and the Italian and international glass industry associations.
Vitrum 2017, presented by president Zandonella Necca, aspires to be ‘home’ to all the players in the world of glass, in its many different production processes and applications.

As the date with the Milanese show approaches, the various business, association and media stakeholders will meet to create working relationships designed to build new strategies for connection. A need dictated by the desire to tap into an industry growth trend confirmed by economic data.

Therefore, not just a gala dinner, but also a catalyst for manufacturers, industry associations, institutions, universities, research centers and industry professionals in general to become the precursors to a new way of working together in the future around the incomparable material that is glass.

The president of Vitrum laid out the challenge, fully aware that in a field of interdependence, the various players must cooperate in order to foster an environment where in-depth inquiry into technology and product customization can flourish and strengthen the industry’s pathways to growth.

With a toast for resounding success in 2017, Zandonella Necca brought the event to a close by inviting everyone to meet again at the Convention of the Associations in May, 2017 and, in October, at the show in Milan.


February 2016

Glass industry to meet in Milan on 3-6 October 2017 for the 20th Vitrum, international biennial trade show of machinery, equipment and special products for flat and hollow glass processing.

Leading industry players and glass companies from around the world will be at the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho with their latest glass offerings for industry, construction, architecture, furniture, homes, and the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

Vitrum is a premier international event with the last session hosting exhibitors from 24 countries who were keen to showcase their cutting-edge technologies to a discerning public.
State-of-the-art products, special events dedicated to technical and scientific developments, cultural highlights, and excellent trade opportunities are only some of the standout features that make Vitrum a must-attend showcase for the glass trade worldwide. The figures speak for themselves: the previous sessions of the exhibition attracted more than 18,000 visitors to Milan, over 50% of whom from abroad.

Vitrum 2017 will bring together all the sectors of the glass industry and more. According to Vitrum President Dino Zandonella Necca:
“This is a very good time for the glass industry, and numerous new opportunities are opening up. We are working to make Vitrum the ideal forum for all the glass trade: experts and buyers, engineers, architects and designers, research centers and universities, and cultural associations. We are committed to building new synergies with all the players in this industry, in production as well as in science and technology. Our aim is to offer the best business opportunities to the companies that will be with us at the 4-day Vitrum and to foster the special culture surrounding glass which can offer us a glimpse into the future of the industry through research and innovation, with a special focus on the creative potential of this precious material”.

See you in Milan from Tuesday 3 October to Friday 6 October 2017.
The world of glass is waiting for you.


January 2016

As of January 2016 Laura Biason, with a Computer Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Turin and expert in corporate organization and communications, is the director of GIMAV – the Italian Association of suppliers of machinery, accessories and special products for glass processing – and of VITRUM – the biennial International trade show specialized in glass processing machinery.

laurabiasonNamed Deputy Director of Gimav in May of 2014, Laura Biason immediately began working sideby-side with former Director, Renata Gaffo, in all the areas required to manage these two key Italian glass industry organizations.

Thanks to more than twenty years of professional experience in support of Italian enterprise, in the last two years Laura Biason has actively promoted Gimav member firms through participation in the leading international industry events, maintaining ongoing relationships with the primary Italian and foreign institutions and strengthening initiatives to boost the Association’s prestige.

Laura Biason also contributed to the success of the most recent edition of Vitrum, one of the topranked global events that last year drew 18,450 visitors, 50% of whom from abroad, making Milan the international center of attention in the world of glass for the four days of the event.

«We will continue to partner with the other organizations in our industry, following the guidelines
mapped out by Vitrum President Dino Zandonella Necca and by Gimav President Cinzia Schiatti, consistent with what has been done to date» explains Laura Biason. «We already have many future projects in the works, proof of the vitality of this Italian industry that manages to achieve state-of-the-art qualitative and technological advances acknowledged around the world. We are wholly committed to providing the best business and development opportunities to Gimav members and to all the businesses that will take part in the forthcoming editions of Vitrum».


December 2015

After the restoration work sponsored by Vitrum, a 200 A.D bottle depicting a gladiator scene is now on view to the public at the “Alda Levi” Antiquarium in Milan’s Via De Amicis. The unique piece adds to the findings of the Roman amphitheater in Milan..

“It was an honor for Vitrum to help restore this precious piece and give everybody an opportunity to admire it – commented Vitrum’s director, Renata Gaffo – For many years now, we have been combining sales activity, which is typically linked to international exhibitions, with cultural events that place the accent on the multi-faceted aspects of glass.
This extensive project, which kept us busy for large part of the year working on a team with others, fits into this picture perfectly. For Vitrum this is a way of contributing to the beauty that our country can give to the world”.

The bottle will be included in the museum collection and was presented to the public on Thursday 26 November in the presence of Filippo Maria Gambari – Superintendent for Archeology in Lombardy, Rosanina Invernizzi – Office for the Archeological Heritage of Lombardy, Maria Grazia Diani – President of the A.I.H.V. Italian National Committee and Renata Gaffo – Director of Vitrum.

The object is a large glass bottle from 200 A.D., with the scene of a gladiator fight between a murmillo and a retiarius on the bottom. The bottle recently underwent delicate restoration work, which was made possible by Vitrum – international trade exhibition of machinery, equipment and systems for flat, bent and hollow glass and glass and processed products for industry – in cooperation with the Office for the Archeological Heritage of Lombardy and the National Italian Committee of the A.I.H.V. (Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre). After being restored, the bottle was presented to the public for the first time at the Glass. The great unexpected exhibition at the 19th Vitrum which took place at Rho Fiera Milano on 6-9 October.

The bottle comes from Acqui Terme (AL), where it was found in the 1930’s. It was initially hosted in a private collection in Pavia and then given to the Milan Archeological Heritage Office. The first exhibition was in Milan in 1964, at a showcase of glass in Roman times that took place in Lombardy. Previous restoration work needed to be touched up before the bottle was placed on display to the public again. Vitrum took this opportunity to return a piece of very great historical value to the people.

The “Alda Levi” Antiquarium hosts other objects showing amphitheater games and the life of the gladiators. The glass bottle, with its fighting scene on the bottom, is perfectly at home here.

foto1The team work
from left to right – Laura Biason (Vitrum), Filippo Maria Gambari (Office for the Archeological Heritage of Lombardy), Renata Gaffo (Vitrum), Maria Grazia Diani (A.I.H.V.) and in the foreground Rosanina Invernizzi (Office for the Archeological Heritage of Lombardy).
foto2The finding
A large glass bottle from 200 A.D., with the scene of a gladiator fight


October 2015

Overall, a total of 18,450 visitors flocked through the gates of Vitrum 2015 – the 19th edition of the international trade show dedicated to machinery, equipment and special products for flat and hollow glass processing – just ended (October 6 – 9) at Fiera Milano Rho.

At the 2015 event, Italy’s appointment with the world of glass reconfirmed its top-ranking international status. Over the four days of the fair it attracted a high caliber of visitors comprised of both domestic (9,032 Italian) and international (9,418 foreign) industry specialists and buyers.

The numbers speak of a show consistent with the previous edition, according to Renata Gaffo, Director of Vitrum: “The recently-concluded edition of Vitrum upheld the same levels as Vitrum 2013 – in terms of number of exhibitors, net exhibit space and even visitors, slightly fewer but of the same magnitude. In recent years the market has produced a kind of ‘natural selection’, favoring those businesses that invested heavily in innovation. Vitrum 2015 drew highly-qualified business contacts to exhibitors’ stands and corroborated signs of a slight market upturn. More and more, Vitrum is becoming known as an extremely technical event focused on the most innovative aspects of the glass processing industry – a specific emphasis that makes it very popular with exhibitors and visitors”.

Vitrum 2015

– Net exhibit surface area: 19,723 sq. m
– Number of exhibitors: 347
– Foreign visitors: 9,418
– Italian visitors: 9,032
– Total visitors: 18,450


October,9 2015

The 19th edition of Vitrum, the Italian event focused on the world of glass, has ended today. 347 exhibitors occupying a net surface area of approxim. 20,000 sq. m displayed the most innovative products developed over the last few months to high-caliber industry professionals.

“The 2015 Vitrum was all about team work and joint efforts with the different players in the industry – confirms Dino Zandonella Necca, President of Vitrum – Proof of this were the special events organized during the four-day show, the fruit of the numerous partnerships that were forged last year. The GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition, the 30th A.T.I.V. conference and all of the other initiatives that were enthusiastically received by visitors and exhibitors alike lent extraordinary visibility to the production, technological and cultural excellence of glass processing that has traditionally been the primary focus of Vitrum.”

All exhibitors from 25 countries maximized their business through B2B meetings with buyers from across the globe, thus re-affirming Vitrum’s role as one of the most eagerly-awaited trade events.

See you at Vitrum 2017.

Interviews with the big players:


October 8, 2015

The 30th A.T.I.V. Annual Conference titled “Advances in Glass Processes: Key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass”, organized by the Association of Italian Glass Technicians (A.T.I.V.) jointly with Vitrum and ITA (Italian Trade Agency), focused on the most sophisticated technology developed by glass specialists.
Companies, Research Centers and Universities illustrated the most leading-edge product and process technology in the area of flat and hollow glass.
The Conference organized at Vitrum heralds the start of an important form of cooperation as confirmed by Dino Zandonella Necca, President of Vitrum: “In my capacity as Vitrum’s President I’m honored to host the 30th ATIV Conference in Milan. It is the start of a new form of cooperation that involves several players in the industry. The financial crisis has taught us that synergies among the different activities are a must. I am very pleased that ATIV’s President, Mr. Alessandro Bandini accepted our invitation. I trust that the topics addressed at the conference may stimulate new developments and more in-depth knowledge within the glass industry”.

The synergistic efforts also involve ITA, the Italian Trade Agency that has strengthened its partnership with Vitrum, as confirmed by Alessandro Lamura (Mechanics, Chemistry, Energy and Environment Office): “During the year, ITA was involved in numerous initiatives for Vitrum, a show recognized by the Government and MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) as a worthy recipient of promotional initiatives, on a par with other trade exhibitions.
I thank President Bandini for his decision to relocate the ATIV Conference from Parma to Milan because cooperation is our overriding priority. We invite all players in the industry, from Vitrum to Gimav, from ATIV to Assovetro to team up and join similar initiatives. ITA’s mission is to support small and medium enterprises in their activities on foreign markets. Vitrum re-affirms its position as an expo with a strong personality, that managed to maintain high quality standards and propel Italian technology to new highs in the world”.

Interviews with the big players:


October 6, 2015

“Visitors to Vitrum 2015 will not only be able to preview the very best technology applied to glass andshowcased by companies from throughout the world, but will also be able to discover interesting culturalaspects inherent in this invaluable material at the GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition. Theexhibition illustrates the use of glass in the history, design and architecture, an overview of how glass isused in premium production.
The organization of this year’s Vitrum required a lot of teamwork that gave rise to joint initiatives, such asthe 30th ATIV Conference, the presentation of the projects developed by the Milan Polytechnic Universitystudents at the workshop promoted by Vitrum, a group stand dedicated to hollow glass showcasing Italy’sfinest production. All this was also made possible by the partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency)”.We are moving in the right direction and hope this will be an extraordinary Vitrum show for all of us”.

This is how President Zandonella inaugurated the opening of Vitrum 2015 at a meeting with the international press.


October 2015

The 30th Annual A.T.I.V. Conference on “Advances in Glass Processes: Key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass” organized by the Association of Italian Glass Technicians (A.T.I.V.) in partnership with Vitrum under the auspices of ITA (Italian Trade Agency) is due to take place on Thursday, 8 October.
Companies, research centers and universities will spend the day talking about innovation by illustrating their leading-edge processing and product technologies for flat and hollow glass.

A Technical Committee comprising Alessandro Bandini (A.T.I.V. President), Alberto Biavati (Bormioli Rocco S.p.A.), Gianni Royer Carfagni (University of Parma), Piero Ercole (A.T.I.V. Past President), Antonio Occhiuzzi (CNR- ITC) has selected speakers from industry and universities around the world who will be presenting their latest glass technologies to a qualified public, focusing on efficient production, energy savings, safety and product strength.

Full details about the conference program and how to attend the Conference from:

30th Annual A.T.I.V. Conference
Advances in Glass Processes: Key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass

8 October 2015 – h. 9.45 – 18.00
Centro Servizi-Congressi – Aquarius Room
Milano Fiera – Rho
(Porta Sud)


October 2015

Vitrum 2015, the 19th international trade show dedicated to machinery, equipment and special productsfor glass processing, opens today.
The glass industry will be in Milan thru to 9 October for a high-profile event that attracts companies and visitors worldwide to the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho: visitor attendance exceeded 20,000 at the previous sessions, with more than half from other countries.

The public at Vitrum 2015 will be able to view the best in technology applied to industrial glass, glass for the building industry, furniture and home interiors, and for the pharmaceutical and automotive industries during the 4–day event. The 2015 exhibition is all about innovation, with companies displaying their most cutting-edge production, among these leading international players in the industry.

At this special session of Vitrum, there will also be a special display area for the finest examples of Italian hollow glass production: Pavilion 24 will be hosting a group exhibition with some of the leading Gimav companies in this sector showcasing a complete lineup of hollow glass production: tableware, bottles, special glass for pharmaceutical use and containers. The area is an open space, with the Gimav members presenting their finest offerings.

Special events at Vitrum 2015

The busy 4-day program of special events is not to be missed.

At Vitrum 2015, the GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition is a showcase of the past, present and future of this special material. The three main sections: Glass in history and design, Glass the key player in architecture and Glass and new technologies offer an overview of how glass has been used in outstanding production by showing examples from history, high technology and innovation. The exhibition is sure to surprise even glass experts and professionals, who can admire objects and projects from 2,000 years ago to the present.
The GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED section focusing on research and experiments has been set up by the Polytechnic University of Milan: this is where the new applications of glass are presented, starting with the most avant-garde technologies. The concepts and prototypes on display were developed by students from the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Freiburg at a workshop promoted by Vitrum at the two universities.

On Thursday, 8 October, a whole day will be dedicated to innovation in technology and production in flat and hollow, as a result of a joint effort with the Association of Italian Glass Technicians (A.T.I.V.), which has organized its 30th annual conference in partnership with Vitrum. The theme “Advances in glass processes: key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass” will be discussed by leading experts from the glass industry and the association. It begins at 9.45 am.


October 2015

The 19th Vitrum hosts a large-scale exhibition of the past, present and future of a material that has left its mark in the history of human beings.

Glass in the past and future, both ancient and modern is finally the highlight of a large-scale exhibition designed to offer a broad overview of the use of glass in outstanding products. The event is being staged by Vitrum in cooperation with ITA (Italian Trade Agency).

The exhibition is divided into three main sections: glass in history and design, glass the key player in architecture, glass and new technologies.

A must-have starting point is the history and design section showcasing pieces of great historical importance: an amphora dating back to the second century A.D., a very rare example of a glass radiator from 1941 and one of the most famous seats in the history of design in recent years: the famous Ghost armchair by Cini Boeri, in the very original 2007 edition in silvered glass (mirror) produced by Fiam.

A spacious area has been set aside for glass in architecture. A long list of projects can be seen, among these: the Shard of Glass by Renzo Piano and the Ministry of Internal Affairs building in Tbilisi by De Lucchi, with a tour that begins with the theory of light and color in the urban landscape and redevelopment work on existing buildings with contributions by Mario Bellini and Massimiliano Fuksas thru to the use of glass in new architectural shapes.

The section that looks at technological research focuses on the most interesting examples of energy savings and living comfort given by glass, which has broken boundaries that were considered absolutely insurmountable until a few years ago.
Vitrum is also an opportunity to discover what the future of glass processing holds in store for us by displaying some design prototypes developed by the students from the Polytechnic of Milan in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Freiburg.

Vitrum, through the GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition, has shown once again that history and tradition can be artfully melded with avant-garde technology and innovation in Italian and worldwide production.


Vitrum 6-9 October 2015
Rho Fiera Milano
Hall 22

Opening hours:
6 – 8 October, 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
9 October, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Register for free entrance


October 2015

The exhibition is an opportunity to see the latest experimental work in glass from leading names around the world.

With its mission to promote meetings between producers and users of glass processing machinery and accessories from around the world, Vitrum is the foremost event of the year for the industry and lends standout visibility to the best of Made in Italy in a very international setting.
In the same way, GLASS, THE GREAT UNEXPECTED at Vitrum 2015 focuses its attention on glass as being the most ductile of materials, used by leading designers in Italy and across the world, and constantly changing and evolving. A history that goes back thousands of years and continues to the present day thanks to new technologies and ongoing testing.

In addition to its historical section with an amphora dating back to the second century A.D. that was recently restored at the request of Vitrum, GLASS, THE GREAT UNEXPECTED spans and showcases the widespread use of glass in architecture. However, the “Research and Experiments” section is where Vitrum displays the latest applications from some of the best-known international players in the sector. It is a window on the future with the latest results and experiments in structural, photovoltachromic, electrochromic and insulating glass, as well as solar mirrors.

In the “Glass for structural use” area, the systems for Defender glass parapets by Logli Massimo SpA provide a technical contribution, showing the must-have features for safe structures. By using the latest technologies the market has to offer and with the help of a team of engineers, completely bespoke solutions can now be designed and developed.

Pilkington Italia addresses sustainability with Spacia, or vacuum glass, by showing its latest developments in energy savings and living comfort; its next generation products such as OptiView Protect OW feature the most innovative contents. The company’s range includes self-cleaning, extra clear, antireflective and ultra-thin glass for applications in architecture, furniture and the automotive sector.

Research by Saint Gobain has led to the development of SageGlass, a smart sunlight control solution and an ecological, energy-efficient alternative to mechanical blinds and air conditioning units. The system controls the level of daylight and required amount of thermal comfort, ensuring indoor comfort and wellbeing even on the hottest days.

A significant contribution to the exhibition comes from Sunglass, an Italian company based in Padova and a world leader in glass curving technology. From glass production to processing, Sunglass has become the go-to supplier for designers who use glass as a building material in architecture, pushing the limits of its technology. Sunglass projects can be found worldwide: on display from the London Eye at Vitrum is a perfect example of the original pod prototype developed in 1999.

Concentrated solar systems (CSP technology) applications are showcased by the Fenzi Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of chemicals for the secondary processing of flat glass. The group is currently involved in the CSP production chain as the main supplier of Duralux Solar Coatings, a range of coatings for solar mirrors that guarantee very high chemical resistance to corrosion and UV radiation.


Vitrum 6-9 October 2015
Rho Fiera Milano
Hall 22

Opening hours:
6 – 8 October, 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
9 October, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Register for free entrance


October 2015

The workshop organized by Vitrum jointly with the Polytechnic University of Milan and led by Professor Giuseppe Andreoni from the Polytechnic has reached its final stages. This learning exercise was a fine adventure for everybody: the students, the tutors in charge of the creative and design process, and Vitrum, which had its team involved in all the operations: from the initial briefing to the mock-ups of the singled-out projects, a working prototype and their display at GLASS, THE GREAT UNEXPECTED.

The goal was an ambitious one: to find new uses for glass objects and instruments, made possible by the significant progresses in technology and digitalization also in glass processing. Fifty students from the Department of Design at the Polytechnic of Milan in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Freiburg, were divided into 13 working groups, each working on a project in this field. The results can be viewed at Vitrum in the Glass and New Technologies section of the GLASS, THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition.
All the projects are described in detail, starting with the initial concept thru to product development ideas, with some considerations on the opportunities for production. For some projects, a non-working mockup was created while in one particular case a semi-working prototype was developed. A unique experience and as Professor Andreoni — who led the workshop and is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic of Milan’s School of Design — commented: “We came to know that glass as a material lends itself perfectly to blending tradition with innovation in such a way that even the most conventional uses can have something decidedly innovative. We were able to experiment with new applications in glass and lighting technologies, measuring time, in the home and a host of other applications. What had us most excited was that this helped to draw young people closer to the working world, and especially glass processing which we knew very little about”.

The working prototype is the “Flow” lamp with a soft, evanescent design, a stunning lighting effect, and remote-controlled and adjustable lighting at the touch of a finger. The prototype was developed thanks to the efforts of the Vetrolamp glass company on the outskirts of Milan, which had no hesitation in placing its artisan skills at the student’s disposal. The man behind it all was Giantito Baldi, an expert with an in-depth knowledge of glass: “I met some intelligent, perspicacious, kind young people, never haughty. Very nice young people. They are ready to meet with companies to really experiment working with glass. Some already had a taste of this when they met with Vetrolamp to shape the sheets, curve them and for the final processing work. The Flow lamp is ready for industrial production, and the credit goes to the young people who developed it and to Vetrolamp which demonstrated its feasibility”.

All the workshop projects are on display at Vitrum 2015, Hall 24.


September 2015

Vitrum offers exhibitors and visitors an innovative service to increase and make the most of business meetings during the 4-day event.

The International trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for glass processing– slated for 6-9 October at the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho – will be providing additional support to help trade people organize their B2B meetings at the exhibition before it opens.
This will be a quick, easy way of planning and preparing for visits to Vitrum 2015 in the most effectiveway.

International trade people arriving in Milan can now use the free MatchMaking service to search for the companies that will be attending from among the product areas they are interested in, learn about new opportunities and plan meetings during their 4-day stay.

All Vitrum 2015 visitors and exhibitors registering on, will be sent an email to access this service.

Vitrum is even more than a must-attend showcase, it is a meeting place for demand and supply where all the opportunities of this leading international forum can be exploited to the full.

Comunicato Settembre 2015 Comunicato Settembre 2015


July 2015

At the International trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass processing to be held on 6-9 October 2015 at Fiera Milano in Rho, hollow glass will return to the limelight with a group stand devoted to this important sector of the Italian glass industry. A number of leading Gimav member companies will be there with the finest examples of Italian hollow glass processing and production in a dedicated area where tableware, bottles, special glass for pharmaceutical use and containers will be showcased.

Italian hollow glass processing machinery is recognized and appreciated throughout the world for the excellent performance it guarantees: sophisticated processing, the highest quality and efficiency make it possible to outstrip the competition on the international marketplace, scoring excellent results and once again demonstrating the strong export drive of the entire Italian glass industry.
Gimav figures for the industry confirmed a good export trend in 2014. As a result of increased sales in Europe, especially to the non-EU countries (+33.56% versus 2013), Europe was the leading customer for hollow glass companies accounting for 57.7% of total exports by the sector. During 2014, exports to Asia picked up as well (+5.01% in value versus 2013), especially to China and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran. France, Russia and China were the 3 main export markets for Italian hollow glass processing equipment.

Vitrum 2015, the topmost European event of the year for the glass industry which attracts the trade from 28 countries, is the ideal showcase for a group exhibition: “It is an important, not-to-be-missed opportunity to present the latest innovations from our sector and to show the world that Italian hollow glass continues to be high quality and high tech”, commented Michele Gusti, CEO of Ocmi SpA and President of Gimav Hollow Glass Group..

An open space at the 19th exhibition will host companies that are leading international producers in their fields, a compact group of successful businesses with cutting-edge solutions for all steps in hollow glass processing. “The decision to take part as a group in this edition of Vitrum, which is a premier international showcase, is also because this year the international spotlights are on Italy and Milan with the Universal Exposition”, ended Michele Gusti.

Gimav companies at the hollow glass group show at Vitrum 2015

TECNO 5 S.p.A. –



July 2015

On-line registration for Vitrum 2015 has opened. This is a simple, quick way of visiting one of the leading exhibitions in the glass industry, which has a particularly rich line-up of new technologies, appointments and special events this year.

To meet leading names in the glass industry from around the world, complete a short registration form on for free access to the 19th Biennial International Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment and Special Products for Flat and Hollow Glass Processing – in Milan on 6-9 October 2015. Once the form has been completed, you will receive an email confirming your registration with a PDF file containing a bar code that gives you direct access from the turnstiles at the reception area.

Vitrum will be the perfect opportunity to source the main innovations from the five continents in technologies applied to industrial glass, glass for the building industry, furniture and the home, for the pharmaceutical and automotive industry, with a special focus on energy costs and savings in production.

Special events at Vitrum 2015

2015 is a special year for the exhibition with a busy program of special events planned for the 4-day exhibition. Vitrum 2015 will be the perfect stage for GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED, a largescale exhibition of the past, present and future of a material that has left its mark on the history of humanity with three main sections – Glass in history and design, Glass as a key player in architecture, Glass and the new technologies – for a broad overview of the finest glass production through history, high technology and innovative drive.
Visitors can also view the results of experiments by students from the Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan) and the Freiburg University of Applied Science and Arts in a workshop promoted by Vitrum at the two universities: the concepts and prototypes developed by the young designers showing how glass can be transformed into new-concept products or tools will be on display.

On Thursday, 8 October, the entire day will be dedicated to technological and production innovation in flat and hollow glass, with the Italian Glass Experts Association (A.T.I.V.) organizing its 30th Annual Conference 2015 in partnership with Vitrum during the exhibition.

Special attention will be given to hollow glass at the 19th Vitrum with a group exhibition dedicated to this sector. Some of the leading Gimav companies will have a special area to display the excellence of Italian hollow glass production and processing with a complete range of offerings: tableware, bottles, special glass for pharmaceutical use, and containers.

Visitor services at Vitrum 2015

Vitrum 2015 is also special because of its extraordinary timing with Expo 2015, the Universal Exposition running until the end of October. Expo 2015, with its “Feeding the Planet, energy for Life” theme and an exhibition venue that can be easily reached from Vitrum, will be a unique opportunity to experience the tastes and traditions of the world.
For this very reason, it has become even easier to reach Vitrum. Exhibitors and visitors can now reach the exhibition complex more quickly from the Rho Fiera Expo Milano railway station. Information on trains stopping just a short walk from Vitrum and Expo 2015 is available at: .

Visitors planning to come by car can book a parking space at the Fiera car parks by clicking on the link that appears after on-line registration has been completed.
Assistance with finding hotel accommodation in Milan is also provided. This is very useful since city hotels may be booked because of Expo.
More details from .


July 2015

For the forthcoming edition of Vitrum, slated to take place at Fiera Milano Rho October 6th to 9th, the trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and special glass processing products will host a major show featuring the past, present and future of a material that has influenced the history of humanity.

More than two thousand years of history of a material that has always fascinated humankind andstimulated its creativity. Between past and future, ancient and modern, glass is ultimately the starplayer in a themed exhibit designed to offer a vast panorama of the use of glass in outstandingproducts. The event was conceived by Vitrum in partnership with ICE, the agency for overseaspromotion and internationalization of Italian businesses.

The exhibit unfolds through three primary themed sections: glass in history and design, glass as akey player in architecture, and glass and the new technologies.

An essential, initial reference point within the history and design section is a piece of great historicalimportance: an amphora depicting a gladiator scene dating back to the second century A.D. andexhibited only once before in Milan, in 1964. Visitors to Vitrum will also have the opportunity to admirean extremely rare exemplar of a glass radiator dated 1941 and, along with it, one of the most famouschairs in the recent history of design: the acclaimed Ghost chair by Cini Boeri, in the unique 2007edition in silvered glass (mirror) produced by Fiam.

A vast section dedicated to glass in architecture is subdivided into two major themed areas:Design research Technological and experimental research, to highlight the complexities of the use ofglass in architecture. Of the many projects on display are, to mention just a few: the Shard of Glass byRenzo Piano, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia in Tbilisi by De Lucchi, and the NardiniResearch Center and Auditorium by Fuksas, in a journey that moves from the theories of light andcolor in the urban landscape, passes through studies of the control of light and shadow, and moves onto the renovation of existing sites with contributions by Mario Bellini and Norman Foster.Technological research will shine the spotlight on the most interesting representations of residentialcomfort that, precisely as a function of the use of glass, have achieved results unheard of until just afew years ago. Included in the strictly experimental section are the most recent studies in chemistryapplied to glass with the presentation of the most cutting-edge research in the area of photovoltaicglass, chromogenic glass, OLED glass and solar mirrors.

Finally, Vitrum will be the place to explore the innovations in store for the future from the world of glassprocessing, with the presentation of some design prototypes created by students at Politecnico diMilano (the Milan-based Polytechnic University) in partnership with the Freiburg University ofApplied Sciences and Arts. Developed with the goal of experimenting with new combinations ofglass and electronic and IT technologies, the initial concepts and some operating product prototypeswill be presented at Vitrum 2015.

With Glass. The Great Unexpected, once again Vitrum proves how it is possible to deftly balancehistory and tradition with high technology and the innovative abilities of Italy and the world.

Logo mostra


June 2015

Politecnico di Milano (the Milan-based Polytechnic University) and Freiburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts team up with Vitrum and set up a workshop to develop innovative uses for glass through design.

Studying experimental courses and developing new opportunities for students and for companies in the sector: these are the goals of the collaboration between Vitrum – International trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for glass processing – and universities of excellence.
The partnership between these two worlds has led to a special workshop that aims to have future creatives and designers learn about and test the properties of glass and its industrial processing methods.
The workshop is for university students attending a course in Industrial Product Design. The students will be involved in a very stimulating exercise that will become an integral part of their course of studies: creating and testing new combinations of glass with electronics and IT to transform this material into new-concept products. This exercise can also be a useful contribution in opening up new areas of development for the glass processing industry.

Politecnico di Milano – TeDH (Technology and Design for Healthcare) and HES–SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Western Switzerland – HumanTech Institute are two very prestigious universities in the world in the area of research applied to design and product innovation. Thanks to Vitrum, the two universities will use glass as the starting element to develop solutions that can improve the quality of life through the ingenious use of new technologies, demonstrating once again the leading role played by this precious material in research and innovation.

Vitrum 2015, slated for 6 – 9 October at the Rho Fiera Milano exhibition complex, will present the initial concepts and working prototypes created and developed by the students themselves in cooperation with some of the leading companies in the glass industry.
In this way, Vitrum has opened its doors to young talents in design and engineering who will be able to measure themselves with a material that has fascinated and stimulated the creativity of men for centuries and that has the right ductility for the widest variety of applications.

The students taking part in the workshop will also be in direct contact with a highly technical and specialized industrial sector, such as the glass processing industry, which can offer countless job opportunities in Italy too. For an ever growing sector with a strong export drive like this one, it is in fact fundamental to be able to count on qualified people who can contribute to competitiveness on international markets through product innovation.

“Glass is a noble material that we have now had the opportunity to revisit through the educational collaboration between the universities and the industry – commented Giuseppe Andreoni, Associate Professor at the Politecnico of Milan’s Design School and coordinator of the TeDH Research Group at the Department of Design – These two entities are still not talking to each other enough, but on this occasion they can share and make use of their best creative, design and manufacturing skills”.

Dino Zandonella Necca, President of Vitrum, confirmed: “The objective of Vitrum 2015 can be summed up with the following three pillars:
1) to provide visitors with an overview of the state of the art in the glass industry
2) to stimulate the industry into assessing Total Cost of Ownership rather than a product’s purchase price
3) to give food for thought on possible technological and product developments
4) to offer a historical-cultural vision of the industry
the work carried out with the Politecnico di Milano – University of Freiburg will not just bring the academic world closer to the needs of industry, it is also fundamental as a generator of ideas (third pillar). In fact, the melting pot of student working groups provides many preindustrialized creative ideas that can be picked up and developed by trade people. We are proud of giving this added value to our visitors.”

Comunicato Giugno 2015 Comunicato Giugno 2015 Comunicato Giugno 2015


June 2015

“Vitrum will open its doors in a climate of recovery; the encouraging signs from the market are all there” — these opening remarks of Vitrum President Dino Zandonella Necca were made during the international press conference held May 12th and 13th in Milan where the innovations to be featured at Italy’s appointment with the world of glass were unveiled.

Two days of meetings to clarify for journalists from around the world just how much Milan and Vitrum have to offer visitors and exhibitors at the forthcoming edition of the international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment, and special products for glass processing, slated to take place October 6th to 9th, 2015 in the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition district.

Vitrum 2015 is all about innovation — where the most cutting edge applications of flat and hollow glass will be on display for industry professionals from around the world. Technologies, machinery, and special products are at the very core of this year’s leading European glass industry event.

Several special projects will enliven the four days of the fair.

One of the forerunners among these is a show dedicated to the use of glass in modern architecture, from the earliest examples of the last century to the most innovative and still experimental solutions of today. During their stay in Milan, the international press members were able to experience one highlight in person – a guided tour of the buildings that have redesigned the city’s skyline, where some of the most spectacular structural and design solutions possible incorporate extremely cutting-edge applications of glass.

Vitrum will also offer a look into the future, thanks to product prototypes created by students at Politecnico di Milano and the Freiburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts in a workshop program sponsored by Vitrum at the two universities. Visitors to the show will discover the fascinating experiments that transform glass into products designed to provide useful benefits in domestic, playful, medical, scientific, professional and sporting areas, all engineered by the designers of tomorrow.

But wait: Vitrum will also be the showcase for an exhibit of historical artifacts and preindustrial design, bearing witness to how glass has long been an object of fascination and creative stimulus for humankind. This focus on the cultural aspects of glass has consistently been a part of the Show and will again take center stage at Vitrum 2015.

“And that’s not all – Vitrum 2015 will also reveal some key technological advances – confirmed the President of Vitrum during the meeting with the press – “The 19th edition of the Show will also feature technical and productive innovations in the flat and hollow glass sectors, thanks to our partnership with the Association of Italian Glass Technicians (A.T.I.V.) that will hold its 30th Annual Congress inside Vitrum”.

This 19th edition of Vitrum will be particularly eventful because it runs concurrent with Expo 2015, the Universal Expo with the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Expo will enliven Milan with a vast program of events through the end of October. Easily reached and accessible from the Vitrum exhibit site, Expo 2015 offers the opportunity for a unique experience in an extraordinary setting.

“Vitrum 2015 will be the culmination of an enormous amount of teamwork: all the activities were developed by a team in perfect continuity with the past, in partnership with A.T.I.V. and with the support of ICE. Which is why Vitrum will be focused on innovation and competitiveness, a meeting place for industry players and the ideal venue for exploring all the aspects of the world of glass – applications, products, machines, technology and culture”, concluded Dino Zandonella Necca.

Comunicato Giugno 2015 Comunicato Giugno 2015 Comunicato Giugno 2015


May 2015

Vitrum always treats its exhibitors and visitors to special events which express the high-level of know how that can be found in glass design and production tradition, even from a cultural and technological perspective: children’s workshops, demonstrations by the Murano glass masters and works of art from leading historical collections. It has even hosted a retrospective display of the most prestigious Alfa Romeo cars as a particularly striking example of the technological and creative prowess of Italian industry.
The 2015 showcase aims to be even more: a busy program of satellite events that also engage the visitors emotionally to convey and highlight Vitrum’s key themes: technological innovation, design, architecture and special glass. A major conceptual and organizing effort that was also made possible with the active participation and cooperation of the ICE Italian Trade Promotion Agency.

An event for glass and innovation
Vitrum 2015 is hosting the 30th Annual A.T.I.V. Conference. “Advances in Glass Processes: Key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass” at the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho. The event, which focuses on cutting-edge technologies for glass and is planned for Thursday 8 October 2015, is promoted by the Italian Association of Glass Experts in partnership with Vitrum. It will give exhibitors and research centers from around the world an opportunity to present their process and product innovations in flat and hollow glass to an audience of experts.
The exhibitors and research centers also candidate themselves as speakers by visiting the “Call for papers” section on the A.T.I.V. website at . A.T.I.V. and Vitrum aim to use this new appointment to provide the glass trade with the ideal meeting place where they can discuss and find out what will be the most innovative developments in the sector over the coming years, reinforcing their joint effort to spread the applied technical know-how of the precious material.

An event for architecture and the history of glass: when art and culture meet technology
This special exhibition layout enables a closer inspection of the creative and industrial processes that led to the most sought-after and intriguing applications of glass in modern architecture. The tour begins with the first theories at the start of the past century with the birth of the “new glass civilization” and the celebration of this “enemy of mystery material”, and then takes the visitor to its latest and near-future developments, describing the potential applications of glass in architecture that are still at an experimental stage. In between the two historical backdrops are the most interesting and also less known examples, from among the thousands of glass applications, now offering home living comforts, design and structural audaciousness, and quality upgrades of existing solutions that were absolutely unheard of until a few years ago.
Moreover, to ennoble glass as an element that has fascinated human beings and driven their creativity for more than 2,000 years, there will be an absolute preview exhibition of a historical piece dating back to the second century A.D. and restored by Vitrum for the occasion. The ideal bridge between the past and present of glass, which has always been the standout feature of Vitrum’s promotional and cultural activities, will also include some design objects that are less known to the public but highly representative of the Italian creative flair during the economic boom of the 60’s and 70’s.

An event for glass in future design
The traditional Vitrum-university working partnership has become even closer this year with courses that focus especially on glass, define new experiments and branch out into research. During the months leading up to the exhibition, Vitrum set up a workshop with the Polytechnic of Milan and the Freiburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts to allow upand- coming creatives and designers to learn about and do in-depth tests on the properties of glass and its industrial processing methods. Students from the two universities will be working on a very stimulating project as part of their coursework: creating and testing new combinations of glass with electronics and IT to transform a sheet, mirror or other glass objects into new-concept products or tools for the home, entertainment, and medical, scientific, professional or sports fields. Something that can also open up new possibilities for the glass processing industry.
Vitrum 2015 will be showcasing the initial concepts and working prototypes created and developed by the students themselves in cooperation with leading glass companies.

The event of the year: Expo 2015
It wasn’t organized by Vitrum, but it coincides with the showcase and is being staged in proximity to the venue: Expo 2015 is something more in this year’s busy schedule of events. All Vitrum exhibitors and visitors will be able to visit the No.1 international event of the year at very special rates. The Ventana Group, which is Fiera Milan’s main tourist services agency and working partner, will offer its precious support in making a stay in Milan more pleasant and comfortable. With Expo expected to attract huge numbers of people from all over the world, a helping hand is a must. This is an unmissable opportunity however and deserves a longer-than-usual stay.


May 2015

On 6- 9 October the glass industry will gather at Milan’s Rho Fiera exhibition complex for Vitrum 2015, Europe’s topmost showcase of machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing.

Vitrum will be the perfect opportunity to present the main news in flat and hollow glass from across the five continents to the international business community. Trade people and visitors coming to Milan from all over the world can see the finest technologies for glass in industry, buildings, furniture and homeware, the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, focusing in particular on the money and energy savings of these products.

Now in its 19th year, Vitrum has become a one-stop shopping point that brings a public interested in quality production to Milan every 2 years and is an unmissable forum for decision makers in this particular and highly specialized industrial sector.
The last exhibitions attracted leading glass players with exhibitors arriving from 28 countries and more than 20,000 visitors (more than half of whom were foreigners).

Once again this year, with a busy program of special events during its 4-day run, Vitrum will be the ideal place to source technological and industrial know-how, as well as the creative and innovative proposals obtained from this precious material. The Italian appointment with the glass industry has always stood out for also honing in on important cultural and research topics, ranging from the presentation of valuable works of art to disseminating the latest technical know-how, in order to give its vast public the opportunity to discover all the potential and marvelous multi-faceted nature of glass.

Vitrum 2015 is also special because this year it coincides with Expo 2015, the Universal Exposition which will place the international spotlights on Milan. Expo 2015, with its “Feeding the Plant, Energy for Life” theme, whose exhibition site is easy to reach from Vitrum, will offer the opportunity to live a unique experience of international food tastings and traditions. For this very reason, getting to Vitrum has been made easier. Following an agreement between Trenitalia and Fiera Milano, the Rho Fiera Expo Milano train station will make it quicker for exhibitors and visitors to reach the exhibition complex. More details about trains stopping near the exhibition site are available from: as well as the Vitrum website.

Exhibitors at Vitrum can also count on support in finding the right accommodation while in Milan, which should be booked in advance given its overlapping dates with Expo. All details from .

Comunicato Maggio 2015 Comunicato Maggio 2015


April 2015

On Monday, April 20th, Dino Zandonella Necca took the reins as President of Vitrum, the international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry, scheduled to take place in Milan from October 6th to 9th, 2015.
Named to the Vice Presidency are Aldo Faccenda (Bottero SpA) and Cinzia Schiatti (Schiatti Angelo Srl), iconic leaders in Italy’s glass industry.

Dr. Ing. Dino Zandonella Necca served as Vice President of Vitrum last year, and is a long-time member of the Board of the firm that manages the Show. He is known internationally as a driving force in the world of glass, thanks to his work on behalf of Vitrum, Gimav and his duties as GM and CEO of ADI SpA, a company acclaimed in Italy and abroad for the superior technology of the diamond tools it manufactures for the glass, stone, ceramics and mechanical industries.

Innovation and avant-garde technology in glass processing and its many applications are the framework upon which the forthcoming edition of Vitrum and the work of Dino Zandonella Necca are based, and a seamless fit with that of his predecessor: “There will be no change in course; we will continue the journey toward Vitrum 2015 collectively mapped out last year with the members of the Board – stated the new President – We want to move forward with all the partnership activities needed to support our highly-specialized and extremely technological sector in the manner it deserves”.

“Given its concurrence with Expo 2015, which will shine the spotlight of global attention on Milan, this year’s show is especially meaningful – continued Dino Zandonella Necca – Not to mention the complementary activities to Vitrum, like the ATIV Conference, and the special projects of great cultural impact that are part of the four-day show, and will allow visitors to Vitrum to expand their knowledge through exposure to the new ideas and technologies, applications and innovative machines and major creative and cultural aspects that revolve around the world of glass”.

Comunicato Aprile 2015 Comunicato Aprile 2015


February 2015

The ties between A.T.I.V. (Assn. of Italian Glass Technicians) and Vitrum (international trade show dedicated to machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing – to be held in Milan October 6th to 9th, 2015) are closer than ever.
In fact, the XXX A.T.I.V. Conference, with the theme “Advances in Glass Processing: Key innovation topics in hollow and flat glass”, will be held at Vitrum 2015 in the exhibition district at Fiera Milano, Rho. The event – aimed at creating awareness and information around the most innovative glass technologies and applications – will occupy the entire day on Thursday, October 8th, 2015, and will include participants from academia and the technical-productive sectors, as well as industry professionals and representatives from the international media.

This year, the partnership between Vitrum and A.T.I.V. is tighter than ever, to support and promote research activities in the glass arena. Just one reason why the XXX A.T.I.V. Conference is being held at Vitrum 2015, the international trade show dedicated to the leading glass industry enterprises, where technological superiority is one of its core themes.
The Conference agenda will be focused on innovations in the production process and especially on the most cutting edge technologies that optimize product quality and performance in both the hollow and flat glass sectors.
Vitrum and A.T.I.V. will make it possible for exhibitors and research centers from around the world to showcase, before a select and highly-qualified audience, their most recentlydeveloped technologies, engineered to bring substantial productive and qualitative advantages to the final product.
A technical commission, comprising prominent figures from the technical-productive, scientific and academic worlds, will assess the proposals and select the 12 companies that best demonstrate theirs are truly innovative industrial solutions. These 12 will have the opportunity to present their innovations to the audience.
But that is not all, the event also invites discovery and discussion of what the coming years hold in store in terms of developments in scientific research applied to glass.

With this new, not-to-be-missed appointment for glass industry professionals, A.T.I.V. and Vitrum reaffirm their joint commitment to informing the glass community about scientific and technical advances in the world of glass, and to further increasing the competitive strength of this sector.

All the details on how to participate in the Conference, both as a presenter and as an attendee, and the Call for Papers will soon be available on the website and on the website.

International trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat, bent and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry

Associazione Tecnici Italiani del Vetro
(Assn. of Italian Glass Technicians)

comunicato febbraio 2015 comunicato febbraio 2015


February 2015

Anticipation is growing for Vitrum 2015 – the international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry – scheduled to take place October 6 – 9, 2015 in the exhibition district of Fiera Milano, Rho. Just days after the opening of on-line exhibitor registration, the number of participants rose compared to the same period in 2013.

The world of glass is preparing for this must-attend event with curiosity and enthusiasm, as reflected in the numbers: comparing early data with that from the 2013 edition, the number of businesses registered jumped by about 35% with a 1000 sq. m increase in surface area requested.
At just 3 weeks from the opening of on-line registration, prospects are running high for the 19th Vitrum Show.
The flourishing success of the event is also evidenced by the repeat participants from Vitrum 2013: in a show of appreciation for the opportunities offered by Vitrum and confirming the positive upturn by the market since last Fall, those who renewed their registration this year increased the number of sq. m. of surface area demanded.

The 2015 event will showcase the cream of global production and the most innovative industry technologies, and will bring with it the opportunity to engage in the experience of a lifetime by combining participation in Vitrum with a visit to Expo 2015, the Universal Expo that will put Milan at the center of global attention.

Exhibitors at Vitrum can also count on assistance in finding the accommodations best suited to their needs in Milan; be sure to book early, given the coinciding dates with Expo. For information visit . To register on line and participate as an exhibitor at Vitrum 2015 go to: .



comunicato febbraio 2015 comunicato febbraio 2015


January 2015

Starting in January, glass industry firms can register on line to participate in the 19th Vitrum, the international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry, scheduled to take place October 6-9, 2015 in the exhibition district at Fiera Milano, Rho.

Over the years, Vitrum has become an indisputable point of reference for a select audience with a keen interest in quality products, as evidenced by the most recent Vitrum shows where the industry’s top players from 28 different countries converged to participate and were joined by more than 20,000 eager visitors (more than 50% foreigners).

The 2015 edition brings the leading enterprises in the world of glass together to showcase their wares before thousands of qualified professionals. They will present the latest technologies amidst areas dedicated to innovation, design, architecture and the newest materials, alongside a packed program of side events. A hot topic will be TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and how making an informed choice about production plants can bring a competitive advantage to the industrial world.

Vitrum 2015 will also be an extraordinarily singular event, because it coincides with Expo 2015, the Universal Expo in Milan, expected to reach its peak in October, during the final month of its run. With the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, and with the exhibition site easily reached from Vitrum, Expo 2015 will be an enticing opportunity to experience an entire world of flavors and traditions.

The official registration forms for participation in the 19th Vitrum are already available on line at .

Exhibitors at Vitrum can also count on assistance in finding the accommodations best suited to their needs in Milan; be sure to book early, given the coinciding dates with the World Expo. For information visit .

“This is a unique year – according to Renata Gaffo, Director of Vitrum – a year filled with news and innovation. A year in which attending Vitrum will mean being part of the incredible and totally one-off experience that is Expo 2015”.



comunicato_iscrizioni_vitrum2015_1 comunicato_iscrizioni_vitrum2015_2


November 2014

During Glasstec 2014, the new management team organized a perfectly Italian Style event for the international press to illustrate the main themes of the 19th Vitrum (Biennial International Trade Show specialized in Machinery, Equipment and Systems for Flat, Bent and Hollow Glass and in Glass and Processed Products for Industry) slated for 6-9 October 2015 at the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho.

This is how Aldo Faccenda — elected President of Vitrum in October — described the main objectives of Vitrum at the first appointment with the international press, after the buoyant market mood experienced at the Düsseldorf exhibition: “Vitrum will be the No.1 appointment in 2015 to present the finest offerings from the industry to leading buyers from around the world; a place where you can find, quality, technology, research and innovation, and cutting-edge products from around the world. This will be the strength of Vitrum 2015”.

Dino Zandonella Necca, Vice President of Vitrum, opened another window on Vitrum 2015: “We are all working with President Aldo Faccenda, Vice President Cinzia Schiatti and the Vitrum management team, to make the next exhibition the best: the 2015 event will be particularly important because it will be taking place during Expo 2015 in Milan and because of the new technological advances that have been made in the entire industry. It will be a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression”.

A particularly important fact is its timing during the Universal Expo 2015 which will place Milan under the international spotlights and welcome visitors keen to discover and appreciate high-caliber offerings from Italy and around the world in a one-of-a-kind setting. An attention-grabbing setting, according to Alessandro Crescentini from the OCMI Group, spokesman on this occasion for the Gimav Hollow Glass Group President Michele Gusti, who pointed out the efforts being made to dedicate more space to hollow glass at Vitrum 2015.

Vitrum 2015 will therefore focus on innovation and technology in every sphere of the glass industry, including new materials, design and architecture.
As the exhibitors and visitors at previous exhibitions stated, the event is a one-stop shopping point for a carefully selected public in search of quality products. The latest exhibitions drew exhibitors from 28 countries and more than 20,000 visitors, and totaled 29,000 visitors in 2013 also as a result of the partnership with the Mecha-Tronika expo.

Presentazione Vitrum 2015 immagine 1Presentazione Vitrum 2015 immagine 2Presentazione Vitrum 2015 immagine 3


October 2014
International trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry.

The international glass community will come together at the Fiera Milano Rho fair district in Milan from October 6-9, 2015.
A key meeting place for decision makers from the world of glass, now in its 19th edition, Vitrum 2015 is focused on innovation and technology. It will feature the ultimate in cutting-edge products from the global glass-products industry, with a special emphasis on the most innovative applications of flat and hollow glass.
Star players at Vitrum 2015 will be the latest technology in industrial glass, glass for building and construction, for interior design and the home.

As confirmed by exhibitors and visitors to Vitrum 2013, the show is an indisputable point of reference for a select audience interested in high quality products – more than 20,000 visitors registered for the latest editions, and more than 29,000 in 2013 thanks, in part, to a partnership with the concurrent Mecha-Tronika, bringing an increase in the number of foreign visitors that, for the first time ever, surpassed the number of Italian visitors, and drew exhibitors from 28 countries. Vitrum is a business hub where industry professionals will find the 2015 edition to be the perfect stage to showcase their products to a vast, qualified audience in a setting filled with innovations and events in perfect Italian style.

Vitrum 2015 immagine 1Vitrum 2015 immagine 2Vitrum 2015 immagine 3


October 2014
Milan, October 8, 2014. Vitrum announces the appointment of Aldo Faccenda as President.

Vice President of Vitrum since 2012, Aldo Faccenda takes the reins of Vitrum, confidently moving it forward along the path toward the 19th international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass; and glass and processed products for industry, set to take place in Milan from October 6th to 9th, 2015.

Member of the Board of Directors of Bottero SpA, the first company in Italy and the world to offer expertise and high technology in all areas of glass processing, Aldo Faccenda is a prominent player in the glass sector, a driving force in Italy and internationally for continued growth of the industry and promotion of Italian technology. Commenting on his nomination and new responsibilities, he stated: “Vitrum is a superbly organized and efficient operation; I will focus all my efforts on continuing the fine work accomplished by my predecessor. We started off at full throttle, without skipping a beat: at Glasstec we are geared up to add some significant tiles to the mosaic that will become Vitrum 2015.”

Succeeding Aldo Faccenda in his previous post as Vitrum Vice President, is Dino Zandonella Necca, a long-standing Vitrum Board member and General Manager of ADI, respected in Italy and abroad for its superior technology in the production of diamond tools for the glass industry. Zandonella Necca will be responsible for Press Relations.

Also confirmed as Vice President of Vitrum is Cinzia Schiatti, indisputable leader in Italy’s glass industry since the earliest days of her career and energetic supporter of activities sponsored by Gimav, of which she has been President since 2008.

Aldo FaccendaDino Zandonella NeccaCinzia Schiatti


23 September 2014

Dino Fenzi, Fenzi Group’s President, President of Vitrum and Honorary President of Gimav, has passed away this night. A great pain, personal and professional, to all those who knew him. “Our Association has lost one of its founding members, but above all a great friend, who for over thirty years has dedicated his time and efforts to the growth of Gimav and the industry as a whole. A great person is gone” said Gimav.

Dino Fenzi


September 2014
Like all the other initiatives backed by Gimav, one of the primary goals of the activities promoted by Vitrum – the international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing – has always been the sharing of scientific, technical and artistic knowledge related to the world of glass.
Many editions of the Italian event dedicated to the glass industry featured special initiatives capable of promoting, in an international context, the distinctive blend of artistic, artisan and technological knowhow typical of Italian-made excellence, in the true spirit of Gimav. This passion for all things glass fueled the desire to sponsor the ESG event organized by ATIV (Association of Italian Glass Technicians) and SSV (Experimental Glass Station), in partnership with the University di Parma, scheduled to take place in Parma (Italy) September 21st to 24th, 2014. “We constantly strive to be out in front when it comes to supporting research activities tied to glass and to promoting dialog around topics of great current interest to this valuable material, precisely to ensure the efficacy of applications in terms of quality, efficiency, practicality and safety – states Renata Gaffo, Director of Gimav and Vitrum – It is a task we have been committed to since the earliest editions of Vitrum and that will be further pursued at Vitrum 2015”.

The 19th international trade show specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry, is set to take place in Milan from October 6th to 9th, 2015.

The association that brings together the leading Italian manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing. Today, Gimav is an essential point of reference for the entire sector in Italy and abroad. The pivotal purposes of its activities are the safeguarding of industry interests, the growth and expansion of corporate culture, and activities that support and promote Italian-made products across all global markets.



July 2014
The glass industry’s Italian appointment is slated for 6 – 9 October 2015 at the Fiera Milano exhibition complex in Rho. The highlights of the event, now being held for the 19th time, will be the most leading-edge glass products and machinery from around the world for industry, buildings, furniture and the home.

The year 2015 will be an important one for Italy: Expo 2015 will place the international spotlight on Milan which will be welcoming millions of visitors eager to discover and appreciate the finest offerings from Italy and around the world in a unique setting.
Vitrum, the international event that has recently attracted more than 20,000 visitors, is scheduled to take place during this period. Exhibitors can therefore take advantage ofthis opportunity to welcome a wider, qualified public, surrounded by a host of all-Italian style offerings and events.

A special focus will be given to leading Made in Italy glass technology, which took up about 70% of the exhibition space at the last Vitrum: products by Italian companies that have earned Italy its reputation as an international leader in the glass industry.



October 2013

Vitrum 2013, the international appointment with the glass industry that brings cutting-edge technologies in machinery, equipment and special products for flat and hollow glass processing to Milan – held on 23 – 26 October 2013 at Rho Fiera Milano – closed on a positive note.

A net exhibition area of about 20,000 sq.m, 70% occupied by Italian companies, hosted 349 exhibitors from 28 countries. Although the numbers were slightly down from the previous exhibition, the big industry players were present at Vitrum as always. Exhibitors came mainly from Italy, China and Germany, followed by Spain and the United Kingdom.

The figures confirm visitor interest in the exhibition, with attendance figures remaining stable compared to 2011 and with a slight fall in Italian visitors: 19,599 total entries, of which 9,770 were Italians and 9,829 f rom other countries, Foreign attendance was up by 0.53% and f or the f irst time higher than Italian attendance.
The figure shows just how interested overseas trade people are in Italian technologies. This also emerges in the significant increase in exports reported by Gimav member companies in Italy in the first 7 months of 2013 versus the previous year, which brought a wave of optimism to the companies at the show.
As Vitrum President Dino Fenzi stated: «We were moderately optimistic, but slightly apprehensive, now we’re moderately satisfied. We saw many customers from other countries, there were really a great many people. This is a must-attend event for everybody because the real market is the exhibition: it’s where different interests and competition meet, and where ideas and various experiences are exchanged. The exhibition attracts people who want to invest in updating their company and therefore buy new machinery; to do this you need to have the financial resources that are still hard to find among Italian companies ».

The synergy with Mecha-Tronika – exhibition of electronics and IT applied to mechanics – hosted in the pavilion next to Vitrum on the same dates was also very successful: only one registration was required to visit both shows, with Vitrum acting as the driver, and this attracted 29,778 people, confirming that the two events are complementary and that the public liked the coaction.

Another big success was the ‘Alfa Romeo Live and in Person. An Itinerary of Italian Excellence exhibition, which brought some of the famous carmaker’s symbols from the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese, as well as its latest and already hugely popular Alfa Romeo 4C, to the glass processing exhibition for the first time.
Vitrum’s public was able to get a first-hand view of Alfa Romeo’s excellence in technology and style. This was presented in a thematic tour that had been divided into three separate areas, corresponding to three historical periods, with the last area being the most recent and looking at the brand today and its immediate future.


June 2013
Vitrum 2013: visitor online registration opens

Online registration to Vitrum 2013 opens at the end of June. This is a simple and time-saving way to visit one of the leading glass industry exhibitions and not miss out on excellent business opportunities by meeting the world’s main players in the glass sector. Visitors simply need to complete a short registration form on for free entrance to the 18th International Trade Show specialized in Machinery, Equipment and Systems for Flat and Hollow Glass, Glass and Finished Products for Industry, to be held in Milan on 23-26 October 2013. Once the form has been completed, an email confirming accreditation will be sent with a bar code for direct access to the exhibition.
But that’s not all: for those who plan to make the most of their stay in Italy, the visitor section of the website already contains valuable information on hotels, restaurants and trips provided by the Ventana Group travel agency, that offers special rates to Vitrum.


May 2013
The 18th international biennial trade fair for machinery, equipment and systems for the processing of flat and hollow glass, glass and finished products for the industry will be held from 23 to 26 October 2013 in Milan, at the Rho Fiera Milano exhibition center.

Vitrum 2013, a complete showcase of the latest technologies developed by companies from the world over, reasserts its success as an ever-growing event that is eagerly anticipated by trade professionals. Vitrum, in fact, succeeded in attracting a healthy attendance even during the tumultuous years the world economy has been experiencing by drawing ever larger numbers of foreign professionals interested in the premium quality of the offerings on display.
And statistics reflect this success: an exhibit space that has reached more than 71,000 square meters, approximately 500 Italian and international exhibitors, an enviable stream of visitors that flocked to the 2011 event, a 3.3% increase in foreign visitors, for a total of 20,255 participants: these are the numbers behind a consistently rising growth curve that promises to repeat in 2013.

Three themed areas with one common thread: technological innovation.

The 18th Italian appointment with the glass world will be divided into three themed areas. Vitrum 2013 will showcase the most innovative offerings for the different applications of flat glass, sophisticated technologies for the sectors of industrial glass, construction glass, and glass for furnishing.
And an entire area – Vitrum Hollow Glass – will be given over to the processing industry of glass tableware, bottles, special glass for pharmaceutical and technical applications, and cutting edge products to meet the high safety and hygiene standards.
The focus will also be on energy-saving technologies and on renewable energy sources in the Vitrum Energy section, an exciting area packed full with opportunities and where glass continues to be front and center on the green economy stage.
After the first hugely successful Vitrum Gourmet Festival, the 2013 VITRUM show will offer an event that will waft along on the aroma of good taste and the unmistakable Italian style.
Other new features of the 2013 Vitrum trade show include a dedicated area where visitors will be able to come face to face with classic cars and the most recent models by Alfa Romeo, an icon of made in Italy known and soughtafter worldwide, which perfectly embodies the technological capabilities and creative genius of Italian companies.
Vitrum 2013 will artfully bind the two aspects of creativity and of the exquisite Italian taste, namely the supertechnological art of glass processing and the warm, inviting art of enjoying life.


May 2013
Artistic Glass Factory in Murano

ARS MURANO was founded in 1982 by Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and Renzo Vianello.
The three partners have different backgrounds but they all previously collaborated with the famous artist Livio Seguso, whose influence proved fundamental in their training.
In his furnace, they learnt to develop precision, love for detail, purity, elegance and a deep understanding of glass.
ARS was created on these same principles, with Renzo, Roberto and Elio integrating their great expertise with a large passion for their art and the natural desire to express it.
When someone visits their furnace, whether it is an artist, a designer, an architect or simply a friend, the feeling is always that of being welcomed by a big family. The glass masters, together with the team of workers that assist them, take their guests on a magic journey towards a whole new world.
Only by living the hustle and bustle, the heat and the atmosphere of an active furnace, can one understand the special melting of creativity and complete trust that joins together artists with different education and different experience in a single way of expression.
Every design speaks a different language and it is only through his devotion, humility and intimate knowledge of the substance, now liquid and incandescent, now hard and cold, that the glassmaker can respect its original features, thus preserving the personality of both the inventor and the creator.
This process is exciting as it means combining the historical tradition of Murano with a continuous exploration of new paths.


May 2013
New area of the Exhibition dedicated to the symbol of Made in Italy: a unique opportunity to see its latest and rediscovered iconic historical models by the famous Italian top-notch cars maker.

Renata Gaffo, Director of Vitrum explains: “Vitrum 2013 ever since 1979 strives to be a showcase for the top quality craftsmanship, creative genius and innovative boost Italians provide to the industry and to the glass sector in particular. The image built over time shows that in spite of the last few difficult years Italy has managed to maintain its global leadership position. This year Vitrum will offer new and returning visitors from all over the world an additional opportunity to feel and touch made-in-Italy excellence in a way that is extremely unusual for glass industry trade shows such as ours and therefore even more emotionally striking.”
Alfa Romeo is a brand of global renown: its outstanding achievements in the industrial manufacturing and sports field continue to set historical milestones to this day.
Vitrum pays homage to its prestigious history by showcasing 7 cars by Alfa Romeo. Six are classics that won global fame and awards for innovative design and technology. The seventh is the most recent model, which has already become the “ultimate dream car” of fans world-wide.


May 2013
Vitrum offers the international press a preview of the innovations to be showcased October 23rd to 26th 2013 in Milan.

It is traditional for Vitrum, in its ‘on’ years, to reveal the latest industry innovations at an event for the international trade press.
On May 8th and 9th, representatives of the leading European glass industry trade press were joined by prominent figures in Vitrum and Gimav for a very special journey to discover two quite different faces of Made-in-Italy production: one based on manual labor, but with deep roots in the country’s thousand-year history and art; the other founded on technical and technological superiority.
Visits to the Ars Murano glassworks and to Ferrari provided the perfect demonstration of this diversity, precisely because they are two entirely different cultural environments. The fiery heat of the glassworks, replete with years of work and palpable physical strain; and Ferrari, perfect, neat, almost sterile in its efficiency and organization.
The first stop on the tour was Venice, and specifically Murano, island symbol of craftsmanship par excellence, where an incandescent glob of glass comes to life and is skillfully crafted into a work of art. Members of the press had a unique opportunity to admire the creative ability of the glass masters at Ars Murano, one of the island’s prominent glassworks, known around the world for its quality workmanship and the ability of its artists at the furnace.
The second destination was the Ferrari factory at Maranello, temple of one of Italy’s most famous icons.
Here the guests were able to appreciate the Ferrari philosophy that breathes life into the company’s works: the highest degree of mechanical technology, product customization and an employee-friendly manufacturing system. The tour ended at the company museum, which offered a riveting finale: the history of Ferrari narrated through an exhibit of its most significant automobiles, up to and including the Formula-1 race cars richly rewarded with championship titles on race tracks around the world.

Of course, cutting edge technology will be central to the forthcoming Vitrum, the perfect showcase for the leading international glass industry manufacturers. As confirmed by Dino Fenzi, President of Vitrum, expectations are running high: “Again this year the trade fair will be an extensively international event, a meeting place where the industry’s top firms will have the opportunity to make profitable business contacts; this 18th edition of Vitrum is also well on its way to becoming (as it has always been in the past), an event that continues to grow, even in the most difficult times”.

An exhibition that promises to be filled with newsworthy innovations — like the impressive display of historic and recently-minted Alfa Romeo automobiles. Alfa is another fine example of Italy’s technological know-how and creative abilities that international visitors to Vitrum will be able to admire in a dedicated area of the show.


October 2012

Official presentation at Glasstec of the new features of the next Vitrum show, the international biennial trade fair for machinery, equipment and systems for the processing of flat and hollow glass, glass and finished products for the industry – scheduled to take place in the Fiera Milano/Rho exhibition grounds from October 23 to 26, 2013.

Vitrum 2013, a complete showcase of the latest technologies developed by companies from the world over, reasserts its success as an ever-growing event that is eagerly anticipated by trade professionals. Vitrum, in fact, succeeded in attracting a healthy attendance even during the tumultuous years the world economy has been experiencing by drawing ever larger numbers of foreign professionals interested in the premium quality of the
offerings on display.
And statistics reflect this success: an exhibit space that has reached more than 71,000 square meters, approximately 500 Italian and international exhibitors, an enviable stream of visitors that flocked to the 2011 event, a 3.3% increase in foreign visitors, for a total of 20,255 participants: these are the numbers behind a consistently rising growth curve that promises to repeat in 2013.

Three themed areas with one common thread: technological innovation.

The 18th Italian appointment with the glass world will be divided into three themed areas. Vitrum 2013 will showcase the most innovative offerings for the different applications of flat glass, sophisticated technologies for the sectors of industrial glass, construction glass, and glass for furnishing.
And an entire area – Vitrum Hollow Glass – will be given over to the processing industry of glass tableware, bottles, special glass for pharmaceutical and technical applications, and cutting edge products to meet the high safety and hygiene standards.
The focus will also be on energy-saving technologies and on renewable energy sources in the Vitrum Energy section, an exciting area packed full with opportunities and where glass continues to be front and center on the green economy stage.

After the first hugely successful Vitrum Gourmet Festival, the 2013 VITRUM show will offer an event that will waft along on the aroma of good taste and the unmistakable Italian style.
Vitrum 2013 will artfully bind the two aspects of creativity and of the exquisite Italian taste, namely the supertechnological art of glass processing and the warm, inviting art of enjoying life, a preview tasting of which will be offered at the Gimav stand at Glasstec. This will be a not-to-be-missed opportunity to savor the original taste in the quintessentially Italian style.


June 2011

Milan will be the venue for the 17th biennial International trade fair for machinery, equipment and systems for the processing of flat and hollow glass; glass and finished products for the industry from 26 to 29 October 2011. An eagerly awaited event for trade professionals and international buyers alike, Vitrum 2011 will host the big names in the world of glass with their state-of-the-art products developed to meet the new needs of an ever-changing market.

Vitrum, the international event that draws thousands of foreign visitors to Milan, is a time-tested, rich source of precious leads and business opportunities for companies in the sector, attended by an everincreasing number of visitors and exhibitors. Even during the recession in 2009, bucking the general trend for international fairs during that period, the number of foreign visitors to Vitrum (from more than 100 countries) increased significantly compared to 2007 (+3.68%).
Anticipation for the forthcoming Vitrum, scheduled to take place from 26 to 29 October 2011 at the Fiera Milano complex in Rho, is running high.
Spotlighted at the next Vitrum will be the latest technological innovations for a wide array of flat glass applications: sophisticated technologies developed by companies in the sector for the most traditional (i.e. industrial, architectural and furniture glass) and innovative applications, such as solar power systems.
An entire area — Vitrum Hollow Glass — will be given over to tableware, bottles, specialty glass for pharmaceutical/technical applications and state-of-the-art products designed to meet high safety and sanitation standards.
Energy-saving and renewable energy technology will enjoy pride of place in Vitrum Energy section, a complete showcase of the most innovative solutions to emphasize the role of glass as the star of green economy.
Among the most interesting new features of this year’s Vitrum is the Vitrum Gourmet Festival, a special appointment with the very best of Italian cuisine and an invaluable opportunity to offer a taste of Made-in-Italy culinary art through the talent of four extraordinary masters during the four-day show.
Taking part in Vitrum this year has become even easier. Just fill out the brief registration form directly at and you will get an e-mail confirming your registration as well as a special bar code you can use at the show’s ticket counter, to receive your personalized admission card. Free entrance to Vitrum has been made easier and quicker.


June 2011

In Milan the art of glass processing meets the culinary art of Italian cuisine
Seven Michelin stars will light up the Vitrum Gourmet Festival — 4 chefs whose talent has been rewarded multiple times with the most prestigious and coveted international awards, will be the stars in an appetizing event for visitors at Vitrum 2011.
Vitrum 2011 will host an authentic Festival of Gourmet Italian Cuisine, quintessential symbol of Made in Italy, bringing an extraordinary culinary event into a trade show for the very first time.
“The art of glass processing is firmly grounded in the past and Italy has long been its cradle. The same is true for fine cuisine, a fundamental part of our culture and the essence of ‘Italianness’ around the world”, explains Renata Gaffo, Director of Vitrum. “By hosting this event, Vitrum once again demonstrates its ability to combine the most technological aspects of Made in Italy with its most artistic and palate-pleasing – which is exactly why we organized the Vitrum Gourmet Festival”.
In fact, the Vitrum Gourmet Festival will feature four prominent Italian chefs who are masters of their art and famous around the world for being among the best. Each day, for the entire duration of the fair, one of the featured chefs will show off his skills, preparing a distinctive specialty menu from his personal repertory, all in the name of Italian gastronomy with a pinch of originality and creativity.

Visitors to Vitrum will be able to experience a unique taste of Italy in a refined and relaxed atmosphere at an elegant restaurant created inside pavilion 22 of the Fiera Milano Rho complex, headquarters of the Vitrum Gourmet Festival.
Once again, Vitrum confirms its commitment to bringing together the best of Made in Italy – to the delight of visitors and participants from around the world.

Vitrum Gourmet Festival Chefs

Claudio Sadler
Ristorante Sadler
2 Michelin stars

Claudio Sadler is one of the most famous chefs in Italy; he is one of the founders of the “Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe” association, and food consultant for various food industry firms and publications. In 1991 he received his first Michelin star and several years later, his second. Over the years he has opened restaurants in Milan and in Japan.

Giancarlo Morelli
Ristorante Osteria de Pomiroeu
1 Michelin star
Seregno (MI)

Giancarlo Morelli spent many years of his life learning the art of cooking from the greatest chefs in the world. He set out for the United States, by way of France, and returned to Italy with the idea of opening his own restaurant, which earned its first star from the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2010.

Norbert Niederkofler
St. Hubertus Hotel Rosa Alpina
2 Michelin stars
S. Cassiano (Province of Bolzano)

Making the world his school, he began his travels in 1982, gaining experience in Switzerland, England and America. Even after receiving his second Michelin star in 2007, his still insatiable appetite for discovering new culinary experiences takes him to the kitchens of his many chef friends to learn some new techniques.

Gianni D’Amato
Ristorante Il Rigoletto
2 Michelin stars
Reggiolo (Emilia Romagna)

He grew up with a passion for cooking, nurtured by his family in the trattoria owned by his grandparents. His formal career began at 26 with Ristorante Il Rigoletto where he still works today. His career has earned him several honors, among them two Michelin stars and admission to the prestigious family of Relais & Châteaux.



March 2011

Taking part in Vitrum 2011 has become even easier. You can pre-register on-line to visit the 17th international trade fair for machinery, equipment and systems for the processing of flat and hollow glass, glass and finished products for the industry – staged in Milan from October 26 to October 29, 2011.
Just fill out the brief registration form directly at and you will get an e-mail confirming your registration as well as a special bar code you can use at the show, at the ticket counter, to receive your personalized admission card.
The entrance to Vitrum, always free, will be easier this way. You will avoid lines and long waits and you will have more time to view the latest production technologies in the area of flat and hollow glass, talk with industry leaders, and meet glass professionals worldwide.
And that’s not all. Using your on-line registration offers further advantages. After registering, each visitor will receive an e-mail from Vitrum, in essence a customized proposal for travel and accommodation during the fair, or for a stay in the best and most famous Italian tourist spots that can be purchased at a favorable price from the Ventana Business Travel & Hospitality Center travel agency.
This is Vitrum’s way to simplify things for visitors from around the world and ensure their stay in Italy is truly enjoyable.