Adelio Lattuada edging machines

Since ever the edging machines represent the core-business of the company. Lattuada offer counts more than 30
models for the processing of flat edge with arris and with variable angle, divided into some major lines: AL, TL, TLR
and TLS series.

The AL range includes small-middle sized straight-line edging machines from 4 up to 10 wheels for the processing
of the flat edge with arris, pencil edge, OG or with variable angle.

The TL range includes models of middle-big sized straight-line edging machines for the flat edge with arris, pencil
edge, OG or with variable angle from 8 up to 11 wheels.

The TLR range, which is the most used by the major producers of stratified glass for the heavy building industry in
the Northern Europe, is addressed to all glaziers with huge production of glasses with a great thickness. The TLR series for the processing of flat edge with arris includes models from 9 to 14 wheels, while the variable
angle models are available from 10 to 16 wheels.

At last the TLS range, which represents an evolution of our TLR edging series, includes models with 13 and 15
wheels for the variable angle, able to carry glass sheets with a weight up to 1.500 Kg and with a thickness up to
100 mm.

All Adelio Lattuada models offer an optimal duration/cost ratio. This is a very important characteristic that is
always fundamental for glassworks because of their need of machines with a long working life. In fact, there are Lattuada machines still working after 20 years and with up to two million meters processed, while the average working life is normally about five to six years if quality and production levels have to be maintained.