Fratelli Pezza – Mirror & Light: the mark that switches the lights on

Koh – I – Noor, a brand known throughout the world for bathroom furnishings and accessories for body care, has chosen a Fratelli Pezza marking device for its mirrors production in Tradate (Varese – Italy)

Koh-i-noor is a company that has always been able to grasp and interpret emerging trends: shapes, colors and materials are studied, reinterpreted and transformed according to a unique and typically Italian bathroom idea. With the inauguration of the new department dedicated to the production of mirrors, opened in 2014, Koh – I – Noor has expanded its offer by presenting itself as a major player in the world of Contract and Hôtellérie supplies.

Constantly searching for original and distinctive ideas, Koh-i-noor has found an ideal partner in Fratelli Pezza; in fact, thanks to the automatic marking device EASYMARKER UP, which allows to mark the glass and mirror plates in a horizontal position ensuring high productivity and perfect reproducibility, it has been possible to offer creative design solutions for the push- button of light mirrors.

The widespread use of touchscreen devices makes it possible to customize the ignition buttons combined with various surfaces such as: induction hobs, elevators, doors, interactive panels, totems, intercoms, switches, etc. “- explains Michela Pezza, Managing Director of Fratelli Pezza. “We are very happy, thanks to our consolidated experience in the sector, to have been able to provide the customer with a simple but at the same time highly effective and versatile turnkey solution. Sandblasting on mirrors has always been our specialty, and we could not fail with marking”.
Mr. Carlo Marvelli, Product Development & Production Manager at Koh-I-Noor, points out: “For several years we have been 1 focusing on the production of LED mirrors, strictly Made in Italy. Our strength is product customization and taylor made production. In order to be competitive it is necessary to be highly flexible and independent from external suppliers. The marking with EASYMARKER UP allowed us to quickly integrate touch electronic components directly during the mirror assembly phase, according to the customers’ specifications.

Thanks to the technology offered by Fratelli Pezza, Koh-I-Noor will be able to tell the bathroom environment as an interactive world, a place to live between well-being, utility and design.