GLASS IS… The Qualities of Glass

The advantages and benefits of the glass objects we use every day stem from the distinctive traits of the supply chain that lies at their origin: with the GLASS IS project, each Exhibitor can indicate the qualities that can be attributed to his Company. This will help in creating thematic pathways for Visitors at the Exhibition.


USEFUL– glass is all around us in everyday life, in windows, doors, mirrors, glasses, bottles, eyewear

SAFE– the glass industry ensures safety through the sterility of pharmaceutical glass and the resistance of automotive windshields

GREEN– because glass is a valid alternative to more toxic materials for various uses, in a way that awakens the desire for a healthier, more beautiful environment

PURE– glass shows reality for what it is, both in images and in the packaging of foods that are not compromised in any way

SMART– the glass industry is hi-tech (fiber optics, smartphones, etc.) and is completely em- bedded in the phase of the Industry 4.0 plan experimenting with the use of cobots, “collaborative robots” that interact with humans in the workplace, thereby arousing in the end user the desire to benefit from the possible high-tech results thanks to the glass industry and its technologies

SOCIAL– social media allow us to communicate through the screens of our everyday devices, from computers to tablets, smartphones and smartwatches

VOGUISH– lends design articles an aura of sophistication and elegance impossible to find in other materials

FLEXIBLE– today, thanks to the new technologies, it is now possible to make flexible glass; but then, glass has long been, by its very nature, a material that can be adapted to many different uses

TRADITION– the reliability and excellence of the glass industry date back to an illustrious histo- ry that evolved over centuries and led to the success of the material as it is known today

GLASS IS GLASS– has been around forever and is constantly changing, evolving, while always staying true to itself; it will never go out of fashion.