Seminar “The industrial world grapples with “virtual defenses” as the Cybersecurity market and Cybercrime continue to grow”

The Seminar will take place on 4th October from 10.00 am to Noon at the Seminar Area (Pav. 5, Stand V21-Z30).

The industrial world is increasingly grappling with “virtual defenses”. In the last few years, Cybersecurity and Cybercrime issues gained unprecedented visibility across the corporate world and beyond.

In fact, according to data disclosed at the last CyberSecurity 360 Summit, the number of cyberattacks classified as “severe” has risen constantly. This data has raised awareness of the topic among companies of all sizes, also because said cyberattacks increasingly target their most precious assets, and especially the technological know-how gained through many years of experience in the industrial manufacturing field.

The workshop seeks to outline the main characteristics of Cybersecurity and Cybercrime with a focus on corporate environments, better identify vulnerable areas, as well as determine if the existing operational tools can effectively protect the company’s data assets (in general terms) pursuant to the generally accepted principles of identification, protection, detection, response and data recovery, which have to be simultaneously implemented and continuously maintained to ensure proper technology planning and effective policies.

Admission is free of charge and open to all Exhibitors, Visitors and Guests of Vitrum 2019, who are asked to register in advance, at: