OCMI-OTG, leading global supplier of complete production lines for borosilicate glass vials, ampoules, droppers and cartridge syringes, fully caters to the needs of the increasing number of industry professionals looking to automate quality control processes, production line feeding and final product packaging operations. OCMI has developed dimensional control systems compatible with all machines of its products range. In the specific case of continuous rotary forming machines for ampoules production, the Optistem/2 system automatically adjusts burner oxygen supply as required to evenly distribute the heat among the tubes being processed and thereby keeping the finished stem diameters within narrower tolerance. The Roboglass automatic tube loader significantly reduces manual interventions, thereby allowing operators to load other machines or oversee other processes, while minimizing the risk of contaminating the glass tubes. The PM-A automatic packing machine, available for both vials and ampoules, prevents any sort of contact or rubbing action between the containers by means of a suction-cup equipped rack pickup system, and also ensures the same number of vials or ampoules are placed in each box. Automatic packing machines also contribute to making the operator’s role more flexible, and allow him to work on several machines at the same time.

Not just pharmaceutical glass
OCMI-OTG is also a supplier of leading global manufacturers of crystal and soda-lime stemware. The SA model, available in the 42, 48 and 60 stations version, performs the delicate work of sealing the stems incoming from the glass press with the bowls delivered from the press-blow or blow-blow glass processing machines. After the sealing process the machine, if so required, can be set up to stretch the stems to the desired length as the main cam controlling the vertical position of the lower grippers descends. This machine is also equipped with a specifically developed camera-driven quality control system installed immediately downstream of the stem and bowl loading zone, which automatically checks the items height and adjusts the upper grippers height as required to ensure the sealing point height is uniform across all stations.
This model is a true expression of the outstanding versatility by which OCMI meets the specific production needs of every client. Although European demand differs from that of markets in the United States or the Far East in terms of glass type and design, OCMI has proven to be a reliable long-term partner, who truly listens and complies with even the smallest changes final users may request to maximize productivity and efficiency.

About OCMI
OCMI was established in 1978 with the aim of developing the GUSTI glass processing machines division.
The first GUSTI ampoule machine was produced in 1947; very quickly and succesfully the company became world leader in the sector, with hundreds of its models FA12, FA16, FA20, FA30 and FA36 units working in factories all over the world.
With the support of this tradition, OCMI developed a complete range of machines for the production of ampoules and vials over the following 20 years.
The experience acquired in the processing of heated glass and a natural flair for research & development brought the company to manufacture a new group of machines for the production of tableware items and technical hollow glass articles.
The stemware sealing machines (SA36, SA42, SA48, SA60) were firstly produced in 1982.
The crack-off machines, designed to cut cold glass with the use of LASER technology, were launched in 1992, with an exclusive OCMI trademark and patent.
In 1998 OCMI bought over, from SCHOTT ROHRGLAS, the majority stake of its main competitor, MODERNE MECANIQUE, worldwide leader for ampoule machines manufacturing. Thanks to the OCMI-SCHOTT partnership in the field of R&D and management, the company gained, in a very short time, a unique range of machines and production lines.
During the past 30 years, OCMI-OTG, was capable of always innovating, diversifying and winning every technical challenge being those either raised by a single client or by a shared need of the market.
OCMI-OTG looks at the future with the sole and precise aim to offer and guarantee the best service in terms of both quality and support to customers.
Today more then ever OCMI wants to be partner of its clients and continuously renovate with them the hollow glass industry.