Pneumofore Rotary Vane Vacuum and Compressed Air Solutions

Unmatched durability, low operational cost and constant performance over time.

Pneumofore, leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors since 1923, showcases its innovative and tailored solutions for the supply of centralized vacuum and compressed air in glass production.

The company presents itself with a new booth concept, designed to highlight the benefits of its Rotary Vane technology. Spotlights are on the UV50 vacuum pump. This unit is one of the most appreciated vacuum pump in worldwide glassworks and it is part of Pneumofore’s wide offering of Rotary Vane machines, which includes the world’s largest air-cooled vacuum pump, the UV100 which delivers up to 6.480 m3/h, and the A Series air compressors with up to 250 kW nominal power and pressures from 2,5 to 10 bar(g).

The Rotary Vane technology designed by Pneumofore is the unmatched benchmark for the supply of vacuum and compressed air in glass production: machines built-to-last and designed to operate trouble-free for decades, even in extreme conditions and harsh environments. The Rotary Vane Air-End, which is at the core of the Pneumofore technology, has no consumable vanes and ensures no transmission losses and no overhauling. The high quality and sturdy design of Pneumofore machines meets the market’s demand for constant performance over time and low operational cost, where other technologies – like screw pumps – get stuck.

Pneumofore units are completed by Variable Speed, Hot Climate and other special options, whenever needed by the customers. The operational costs are further reduced by the total OEM independence offered by Pneumofore against the binding equipment legacy of other manufacturers. Every installation also includes system engineering and pipeline calculations for further benefits in terms of performance and energy savings.

About Pneumofore

Founded in 1923, Pneumofore manufactures vacuum pumps and air compressors for industrial applications worldwide and supplies the hollow glass industry with centralized vacuum and compressed air systems, designed for the pneumatic requirements of the IS machines. Pneumofore compressors and vacuum pumps are found worldwide, whenever customers require extraordinary reliability and constant performance. Leader in Rotary Vane technology, Pneumofore solutions focus on efficiency, durability, minimal Life Cycle Cost, and high environmental respect.