TYROLIT is one of the world main producers of innovative solutions for grinding, dressing, cutting, sawing, drilling and polishing. The family-run company – member of the Swarovski group – was founded in 1919 and has over 4.300 employees in 26 productions plants in all 5 continents.
TYROLIT VINCENT SRL is the divisional headquarter for the Stone, Glass and Ceramic Division and is one of the main production sites, with focus and investments in the manufacturing of high tech tools.
All projects of Glass Division are developed in Italy by the R&D department and carefully followed by the technical and marketing team all over the world. Everyday our product specialists are working alongside our end customers, in order to be able to provide them with advice and support whenever they need it.

Milestones in automotive glass industry are TYROLIT high-quality diamond pencil wheel for grinding automotive glass at 40 m/min, released in 2010, and HALO product line, a pioneering concept for edge grinding automotive glass, launched in 2014.
Last but not least, TYROLIT has released its abrasive stick SAVA-ACTIVE for dressing of automotive glass grinding wheels. The innovative abrasive stick has been designed to obtain improved quality (top quality and finshing of the glass edge) and efficiency in the performances of diamond wheels (improvement of diamond tool life up to 25%) in grinding glasses for Automotive glass industry.