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News from OCMI-OTG

OCMI-OTG, leading global supplier of complete production lines for borosilicate glass vials, ampoules, droppers and cartridge syringes, fully caters to the needs of the increasing number of industry professionals looking to automate quality control processes, production line feeding and final product packaging operations. OCMI has developed dimensional control systems compatible with all machines of its […]

Pneumofore Rotary Vane Vacuum and Compressed Air Solutions

Unmatched durability, low operational cost and constant performance over time. Pneumofore, leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors since 1923, showcases its innovative and tailored solutions for the supply of centralized vacuum and compressed air in glass production. The company presents itself with a new booth concept, designed to highlight the benefits of its Rotary […]

#Vitrum2019: 12 themed pathways guide trade visitors among the stands

“Vitrum specialized” is the name given to the 12 descriptive themed patways that will provide greater visibility to Exhibitors as well as improved access to the show for all trade professionals The Vitrum 2019 organizational staff is already hard at work. The aim: to produce a 21st edition that leaves its mark. “Throughout the 2017 [...]